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[ Read ] ➱ The Fire Children: A West African Folk Tale Author Eric Maddern –

The Fire Children: A West African Folk TaleThe First Man And Woman Are Lonely What To Do They Decide To Fashion Children Out Of Clay As They Are Baking The Little Figures In Their Fire, They Re Constantly Interrupted By Visits From The Sky God, Nyame As A Result, Some Of The Children Are Pale And Underdone, Some Are Left In So Long That They Come Out Very Dark, And The Rest Are Every Shade Between Fran Lessac S Gorgeous Gouache Paintings, Inspired By West African Masks And Pottery, And Eric Maddern S Vivid Text Make This One Of The Most Compelling Of Creation Myths For Young Readers.

[ Read ] ➱ The Fire Children: A West African Folk Tale Author Eric Maddern –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Fire Children: A West African Folk Tale
  • Eric Maddern
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9781845075149

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    Eric Maddern has retold a number of pourquoi tales for children This one comes from West African mythology and offers an explanation for why there are people of different colors on the earth.The story begins with Nyame, the great sky god who created the earth One day two spirit people, a male and a female, climbed out of Nyame s mouth to enjoy the earth the sky god had made They became lonely however, and decided to create some children out of clay They put them in the fire to bake, but ran when Nyame came looking for them This happened day after day until Nyame finally let them be and returned to the sky The spirit people, Kwaku Ananse and Aso Yaa, ended up with a variety of children who had been left in the oven for different times and thus were different colors But they were all their children, and they loved all of them equally.The story is well told, but what stands out about this book are the gorgeous illustrations by Fran Lessa...

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    A pourquoi story one of many early creation why myths and which Africa abounds , this story shares the telling of how the sky god Nyame created the earth The text is well chosen, being sparse and to the point in places, just as you would want these early stories and alongside Lessac s gouche, primitive like paintings, this is a nice retelling and nice tha...

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    social studies

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    A retelling of the West African tale about the creation of the world and all its different peoples.

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