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[Ebook] Crazy for Loving You By Pippa Grant –

Crazy for Loving YouIs There Anything Hotter Than A Growly, Overprotective Marine Cradling A Baby My Melted Ovaries Don T Think SoWhen You Work Hard And Have The Bank Account To Prove It, You Re Entitled To Play Hard I Ve Seen Some Crazy Things I Ve Caused Some Crazy Scenes And There S No Shame In My GameBut I M Still Knocked Off My Stilettos When An Insane Chain Of Events Leads To Me Inheriting A Baby The Craziest Part The Baby Comes With A By The Books, No Nonsense Retired Marine Who S So Regimented That I Wouldn T Be Surprised If He Irons His Boxer ShortsParenting Bring It On I Don T Need Sleep I Once Started My Day With Business Meetings In Cairo And Ended It Three Days Later At A Club In Melbourne Changing Diapers Please It Can T Be Any Challenging Than Changing Out Of Spanx On The Back Of A Moving Motorcycle Training The Little Guy To Run The Family S Real Estate Empire He Ll Be All Our Bosses By The Time He S FourBut Living With My New Co Guardian The Gruff, Muscled, Tattooed Former Military Man Who Manages To Check All My Boxes While Trying To Sneak Under My Skin He Needs To GoBecause The Longer He Stays, The Layers He S Peeling Off My HeartBut Love Isn T Something That S Ever Diluted My Gene Pool, And I Like My Life Just Fine Without It I Have Awesome Friends, This Adorable Baby And An Obscene Amount Of Money Who Needs Love Turns Out Maybe Me Crazy For Loving You Is A Larger Than Life Ride Through Accidental Parenthood Featuring A Fun Loving Billionaire Playgirl, A Crusty Marine With A Gooey Center, A Horny Dolphin, The World S Most Obscene Pool, And All The Fun You D Expect From A World Built By Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan, And Pippa Grant

[Ebook] Crazy for Loving You By Pippa Grant –
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Crazy for Loving You
  • Pippa Grant
  • English
  • 17 December 2017
  • 9781940517728

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    Author s note, 1 week before release I can t believe Daisy and West are finally almost here I m so exciting for the world to meet Daisy and West and Remy, and to visit with Cam and Emily and Luna and their hunky heroes again, and for the next installment of Drag Queen Brunch to be out in the wild AAahhh So soon Author s note, 3 weeks before release I wish I could be best friends with Daisy Not because she s rich, but because she s funny and big hearted and crazy in the best kind of way Life is NOT boring with Daisy around I miss writing her, and I can t wait for her to be out in the world And did I mention I got to listen to Teddy Hamilton and Virginia Rose narrating CRAZY FOR LOVING YOU SQUEE I m so excited about launch day getting closer Author s note, 4 weeks before release Gaahhh DAISY I m so flipping excited about this book, because1 Daisy she s amazingly awesome in hilarious, uninhibited ways2 West, her hero SWOON Hello, growly Marine3 The two of them inheriting a baby together evil author cackle 4 Daisy s Bluewater Billionaire besties OMG, these ladies are SO FREAKING AWESOME And two of their books are already out Have you read them yet The Price Of ScandalThe Mogul and the MuscleAnd one s coming in two weeks Wild Open HeartsI can t wait for this whole series to be live I want to go live in Bluewater

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    What an epic finale to the phenomenal Bluewater Billionaires series In this 4th book, that can be absolutely read as a standalone, we finally get to see the daily life of Daisy as she runs the family real estate empire To most, Daisy appears to be the ultimate party girl, jetting the globe, partying with royalty and Hollywood legends in the world s most exclusive clubs and destinations What everyone fails to see is the caring generous side of Daisy, that shows in the interactions with her staff, the random acts of kindness she delivers every day and countless people she helps on a daily basis When Daisy s cousin and her husband are killed in an unfortunate accident, she finds herself a guardian of their infant son, Remington To everybody s shock, her cousin also names a co guardian, one Westley Jaeger, retired marine and a man on a mission to find himself someone to love and start a family.In true Pippa Grant fashion, hilarious laugh out loud shenanigans ensue as Remy s grandparents try to gain custody and access to his inheritance We get to visit with our favorite Bluewater residents and catch up with characters from Pippa s other worlds, as they intermingle with Daisy s and West s lives in Miami.To present unified front, West moves in with Daisy, so they can prove that Remy s best chance at happy upbringing lies with them and it is in his best interest to remain in Daisy s and West s custody Remy is the sweetest baby and there are so many tender moments we witness as West is getting to know him and caring for him with all of his heart As Daisy and West fall in love with Remington and his adorable baby ways, they also find themselves falling for each other.This book has it all, love, intrigue, steam, swoon, crazy relatives, demonic family members as well as a menage of animal species roaming through the neighborhood and wrecking havoc on everyone s day.If you enjoy romcoms, you definitely don t want to miss this gem of a book

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    I m not sold on it By the blurb it s sounding like the h is heading towards the biggest meltdown of her life Not take charge of situation with her man.

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    An amazing series finale This book, this series The Bluewater Billionaires captured my imagination and my heart Throughout the series we ve witnessed the antics of the larger than life Daisy, but those shenanigans are only what Daisy allows people to see, even her closest friends don t have access to her inner sanctum No one does Until retired Marine Westley Jaeger arrives on the scene as co guardian of Daisy s deceased cousin s infant Daisy desperately needs West s baby wrangling skills And West needs, well, you ll find out what West needs This book has a big heart, almost as big as Daisy s I loved every minute of it West and Daisy might be my favorite book couple ever

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    I have always lived by the AdageWork Hard, Play Even HarderAs a Self Made GazillionaireI have Lived Life to the FullestAnd plan on Continuing that PathHowever, I did Inherit a little Bundle of JoyYes, a little BabyCrazy, I KnowBut Parenting should be a No BrainerWith All I have Accomplished Against all OddsHow Difficult can Changing DiapersAnd Scheduling Naps beNo, the Big Hiccup with All My PlansIs the Growly, Overprotective MarineAttached to this BabyThis Gruff, Muscled, Tattooed Former Military ManHe is a Huge ProblemBecause He is Making Me ThinkMaking Me Want MoreAnd before I know itI ll be Crazy for Loving You Bluewater Billionaires November 8th 2019 The Price Of Scandal Bluewater Billionaires Mogul and the Muscle Bluewater Billionaires Wild Open Hearts Bluewater Billionaires Crazy for Loving You Bluewater Billionaires Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    The final Bluewater Billionaires book I m sorry the series is over, but Crazy for Loving You is such a wonderful way to finish We finally have Daisy s story, and it s a sad happy kind of story Daisy is named baby Remington s guardian by her cousin s will along with West, a retired Marine with a contractor business West did some work for Daisy s cousin, but I won t spoil the reasons behind West being named Remy s guardian These two are thrown together caring for, and falling in love with 2 month old Remy I enjoyed West and Daisy together, and the realization in Daisy s mind that she is an amazing human being Throw in some super cool easter eggs and you have a great way to spend a rainy afternoon Honestly my heart just melted with these two BTW, my belief of ball pits is now confirmed

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    SAY WHAT a fun loving billionaire play girl who works hard and plays even harder image error

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    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do I m half crazy all for the love of you AND IT S TRUE I ADORE Daisy She s quirky and funny, and nutty but she s also loyal, and smart and badass and PERFECT for West And growly, military man West is perfect for her too.

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    Sometimes while I m reading a book certain songs will pop into my head Two songs that kept coming back to me were Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen and Crazy by Patsy Kline Seriously when you read this book look up the lyrics especially Crazy Little Thing Called Love and when you re finished you ll see what I m talking about In my mind I can imagine Wes and Daisy singing them both to themselves Both songs fit many occasions in this story This story starts out a little crazy Daisy is a freewheeling, party girl, who s heart is bigger than the ocean Just like the ocean she can t be contained She s like the wind another good song that could fit Daisy is all over the place People think she s funny, high spirited, bizarre That s all people see The thing about this is when you see people like this they re usually hiding something, trying hard to make people like them Think about comedians Not all, but many, have said they just wanted to be noticed and make people laugh not at them but with them.Now we have Wes, a straight laced, gruff, muscled up, marine He s had his share of misfortunes and is looking to live his life in pretty normal manner He knows what he wants or so he thinks and he knows what he doesn t want.Through a bizarre situation these two are thrown together Cue the music cause the craziness starts to ensue During the course of this story things become a lot clearer I didn t say easier, just clearer Sometimes when we see people, anyone, we are only seeing what they want us to see Letting us in on the parts they only want us to know Things aren t always as they appear.If you ve read any of the other Bluewater Billionaire stories you won t be disappointed because all of our favorite characters have reoccurring parts Don t worry it is a standalone but seriously why wouldn t you read the others Quadruple your enjoyment.As crazy as this story is there s a lot of depth to it That you ll discover along the way As Freddie Mercury says, This thing called love, I just can t handle it This thing called love, I must get around to it I ain t ready Crazy little thing called love Here s the thing, when is anybody ever ready To the author I say, I m crazy for trying.and I m crazy for loving your books but in the best way

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    Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant Sudden parenthood, 5 stars Daisy works hard and plays just as hard Unfortunately for her the tabloids don t see the good things she does They just see a heiress who is always on the move When her cousin dies she figured it would be business as normal, until her grandmother informs her she is now the guardian to her cousins baby To make matters interesting she shares custody with a stranger Will she be able to step up and be everything the baby needs or will she walk away without trying West is newly retired from the military and trying to figure out the next phase in life What he didn t expect was to be summoned to Daisy Carter Kincaid s home, a woman he s never met When the lawyer drops a bomb on him that he now shares custody of a random child with Daisy he thinks someone is pulling a prank on him But one thing is for sure, West isn t the type to walk away and if he s learned anything since meeting these two its that they both need him The question is will the lines blur or will he be able to not become attached I try to read Grant during the day and finish before bed Because I have woken my husband up a time or two in the middle of the night from shaking the bed with laughter Well let s just say I ending up reading Crazy for Loving You in bed and I don t regret it Daisy and West were amazingly good people on different levels I loved how they interacted, the banter, and the genuine love they had for a baby who wasn t either of theirs Then you have Daisy s girlfriends and their men You have West s family He s the oldest of six and has four sisters who played in perfectly I wish this wasn t the end of the Bluewater Billionaires series but it went out with a bang I loved it and I hope you do too.Plot 5 5Characters 5 5Heat 5 5Writing style 5 5Overall 5 5

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