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Echoes Between UsEchoes Between Us Is Bestselling Author Katie McGarry S Breakout Teen Contemporary Novel About A Girl With Everything To Lose And The Boy Who Will Do Anything To Save HerVeronica Sees Ghosts More Specifically, Her Mother S Ghost The Afterimages Of Blinding Migraines Caused By The Brain Tumor That Keeps Her On The Fringes And Consumes Her Whole Life Haunt Her, Even As She Wonders If It S Something Golden Boy Sawyer Is Handsome And Popular, A State Champion Swimmer, But His Adrenaline Addiction Draws Him To VeronicaA Girl With Nothing To Live For And A Boy With Everything To Lose Can They Conquer Their Demons Together At The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied

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    TITLE ECHOES BETWEEN USAUTHOR Katie McGarryRELEASE DATE January 14, 2020GENRE YA RomanceTHEMES TROPES Alcoholism, Addiction, Illness RATING 5 StarsCLIFFHANGER NoWhat a pleasant surprise this story turned out to be And so unlike any other I ve read recently This story took twists and turns I didn t see coming and had my head spinning I m new to Katie McGarry s books but now I m eager to read At first glance Sawyer is the typical popular guy in school Good looking, athletic, with lots of friends Looking closer though, he struggles with his dyslexia and his family life and nobody sees it His coping mechanisms are dangerous but he s addicted to the adrenaline rush so he keeps doing it Until he gets to know fellow student Veronica whose zest for life and indifference towards their school mates attempts at bullying captivates him Joy Veronica is life and joy While Sawyer is the most unlikely partner for Veronica to work on a school project they get into an easy groove What started as a partnership out of necessity soon turns into friendship and mutual respect It was easy to see why they fell in love with each other Sawyer is a sweet, troubled guy who loves his little sister to the moon and back and he has a warmth to him that I found immensely endearing But his everyday life is tough his parents are divorced and his mother is an alcoholic and leaves adulting to her barely grown up son Sawyer s mother was awful and made me ragey, I wanted to shake some sense into her.I routed so hard for Sawyer, what a wonderful young man who developed so much strength and experienced so much growth from the beginning of the story to the truly beautiful end And the love he had for Veronica was as extraordinary as it was deep pure and mature Someone once told me loving you requires sacrifice They re right I want to be with you, you want to be with me, but giving in now to be happy just for a few months isn t enough I want , and I want you to want , too If your life can literally end the next day you don t care about about other people s opinion if they are strangers to you Veronica s brain tumor is a well kept secret and the poise and grace which she lives her life with is inspiring She s fierce, outspoken, loyal and brave and resilient And maybe a little bit in denial But she never gives an inch and always stands her ground and true to herself Veronica is the kind of character you won t forget easily I loved her courageous, a little quirky nature and I admired how she stared death in the face I adored her relationship with her dad which was based on trust and love.ECHOES BETWEEN US is an unusual story in beautiful prose about two young people who bring out the best in each other and complement one another perfectly Even as an adult there is a lot to learn and take away from these characters and this truly unique book Katie McGarry is one of those authors everyone recommends when it comes to YA Romance Now I get it There s only been one time in my life when I ve ever felt like me and not a shadow of the person I thought people needed me to be and that is with you.

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    4 starsI love this author and I couldn t wait to start this one.I find it interesting and unique.The beginning was a little bit slow for my taste but soon when it picks up , it was very good Both characters intrigued me from the beginning Sawyer and Veronica have a great relationship, I feel these two were perfect.They grow together through the story.I find them sweet and cute Overall, it was a great read.

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    This book will forever hold a special place in my heart and I m so blessed to have read this early, but to also just read it in general This story follows our two main characters as they both struggle with a lot of obstacles in their life Veronica, or V, has a brain tumor, which causes her terrible migraines She also sees her mom s ghost, because her mom died from her own brain tumor Veronica is also really close with her dad, which is something that I related to and loved seeing their relationship be that of a close one She s fearless and courageous She always lived life to the fullest and didn t care what others thought of her And trust me, she gets picked on quite a bit in the beginning People are cruel, but that didn t stop V from being her true self, which I loved so much And then we have Sawyer And let me tell you, my heart bleeds for this boy Seriously, I related to him so much and I just can t stop loving him He s an adrenaline junkie which isn t what I related to He dives off cliffs, which he knows is dangerous, but he s an addict and can t stop He has a little sister whom he absolutely adores and will do anything to protect her Their mom is I m gonna be honest, she s fucking terrible I wanted to reach into the book and smack her so many times She s an alcoholic and doesn t seem to care about her kids Their dad isn t really around, seeing as Sawyer s parents divorced and the dad basically said to not come live with him because the mother needed him than the dad did Sawyer tries to come off as this bad boy who doesn t care about anyone and only wants to be popular, but let me tell you, this boy is one whole ass soft cupcake He cares deeply and loves with his whole heart and soul He deals with so much but always tries to be the stronger person, especially for his sister I just loved Sawyer so much, my heart is gonna BURST with love for him okay wjdjskksawAlso, I didn t care for some of the friendships in this book but let me tell you something, they go through some shit and end up becoming the best of friends in the end and it was simply beautiful Their character development was one of my favorites and I really loved how they all came together in the end and set aside their differences and just cared for one another so much It was one of my favorite things about this story Okay, so, anytime a story has any one of these these three things, I m instantly sold on it 1 Ghosts 2 Strong sibling father relationships 3 Alcoholic momAnd this book has all three I ve always loved ghost stories and just anything to do with the paranormal world in general I used to want to be a ghost hunter growing up I still think it would be cool to explore that kind of job, but perhaps someday I m a huge believer in ghosts so I always love it when a story has something to do with them I have two sisters, one I m close with but don t talk to much or see ever since she lives in a different state as me And the other I still don t get to talk to much or see because she s just so busy with life, but we are very, very close The few times I do get to see or talk to her are definitely moments I cherish She s my best friend and I love her to pieces And as I stated before, I m very close with my dad He, too, is my best friend So, the alcohol part Without getting too deep, I used to be severely attached to my mom I m talking I couldn t sleep in the room next to hers without literally sleep walking in the middle of the night to be with her She was my best friend and my absolute world when I was growing up And then when I was about 16 17, I started realizing the kind of person she truly was My mom has struggled with alcohol for over 30 years She ll deny it left and right and says she doesn t have a problem, but she does and it tore our family apart So, when there is a story with a character that has an alcoholic parent, I immediately connect with that character and feel their pain Which is why I fell so damn hard for Sawyer Veronica and Sawyer s relationship tore me up, like their love is so precious and pure They would do anything for each other, and it really shows in this story I was relaxing in the bath and just sobbed the entire time over this book Between rooting for Sawyer and Veronica the whole time, and Sawyer dealing with his mom and her addictions, I just couldn t help but fall so deeply in love with this book So, yeah I hope you pick this book up when it releases and you end up loving it as much as I did It s an emotional roller coaster, but it s also filled with so much hope and leaves you feeling good at the end Also, I encourage you to read the authors note at the end I did and learned something really cool about this book Trigger warnings for loss of a loved one, brain tumor, alcoholic parent, bullying Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a digital ARC

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    3.5 5 starsEchoes Between Us is a standalone Young Adult contemporary novel.This book is contemporary It has romance It also has a paranormal aspect view spoiler ghosts and ghost hunting hide spoiler

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    This book was everything I didn t know I wanted I consider Katie McGarry one of my favorite authors, so I was really grateful I got a chance to get an advanced copy of her upcoming book, Echoes Between Us, through NetGalley.One super popular guy, one extra quirky girl two very complicated stories.Sawyer is your stereotypical cool guy Cool friends, suave attitude, star athlete He works hard at keeping up that facade, because his life is anything but perfect.Veronica is the carefree weirdo who everyone loves to gawk at She and her friends stand out like a sore thumbs and they like it that way She keeps a life threatening secret that only those closest to her know and she worries that if it were to get out everyone would treat her differently than they already do.When life circumstances bring these two together, they not only learn a lot about one another, but are forced to learn a lot about themselves and make some really tough decisions regarding their futures This story was so different from anything I ve read recently I love Katie s work and this story was a refreshing change of pace for me, while also delivering the same quality of reading I ve come to expect from her I mean, who else can shove ghost hunting AND tumultuous life problems into a love story and make it work I absolutely loved Sawyer and V

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    I received a review copy from Bookish First and voluntarily provided an honest review So after reading the blurb I decided to give this book a chance Not going to lie when I first started reading this book I struggled I had a hard time connecting to the story Even though the story is told in Sawyer and Veronica s point of views I felt like they were both the same person and their personality really didn t show at first.Honestly, I thought about dnfing the book but something told me to keep reading I am so happy I stuck with the book because the story took some unexpected turns and I was hooked My heart broke for Sawyer as I am a child of an alcoholic parent and I remember going to Al Anon meetings as a child and this took me back to a time in my life that I try to forget I respected how Sawyer took care of the house and his sister, Lucy He had a heart of gold and put others first even though he was suffering.Then we have Veronica and everything she was going through and it reminded me of a good friend who was in a similar situation I loved Veronica s approach on life and how she was going to live her life to the fullest and for someone her age she handle herself very well I would have been a wreck.This was my first time reading anything by this author and it even though it took some time for me to get into the story it was a good read The plot was unique and I won t forget about Sawyer and Veronica anytime soon

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    Literally, as soon as I saw a synopsis for this book on BookishFirst I knew that I had to read this one either early or when it comes out Jan 2020 I fell head over heels in love with the setting my lovely home state of Kentucky , the overarching storyline, and the apparent sweet romance that blooms between enemies unlikely friends Not to mention, the cover art for this book is gorgeous and just kept pulling me in.This book is set in a small town in Kentucky somewhere near Lexington and Louisville It tells the story of Veronica, an enigmatic 17 year old who suffers from horrific migraines as a result of a small malignant brain tumor She isn t too phased when the high school golden boy Sawyer, and his family move into the downstairs apartment of their rambling old house in the historic district, even though his friends regularly make fun of and gossip about Veroicnia for being weird Veronica finds herself in a predicament when she is left without a group to complete her senior thesis project and through a series of events convinces Sawyer into being the rest of her group in order to complete her dream project on proving that ghosts exist Over time, the two grow closer When things begin to take a turn for the worse in regards to Veronica s health, the story deepens.I cannot say enough how much I loved this story and how enveloped in it I was, and still am now that it s over There was so much for me to love and I honestly have few to no complaints While the story itself seems a bit simple upfront, there are actually a lot of different topics folded into this story I love how complex it and the characters are In this story, you encounter teen romance, young love, alcohol addiction, addiction in general, medical drug use, child abandonment, dyslexia, divorce, environmental pollution, blended families, rural setting, outcast characters, terminal illness, truck driving, the swim team, high school drama, folklore and legends of Kentucky, suicide, ghost hunting, historic tuberculosis sanatoriums, historic documents as primary research, psychics, off the grid living, and college life But seriously, I am probably missing some other subjects from this list.First, I love the enemies of lover story and just how sweet the romance between the two is I love that Sawyer is a really soft guy who loves his sister and takes care of her while trying to keep his life straight, make money at a side job, attend AA meetings for his addiction to dangerous high jumping and keep his grades just high enough to keep swimming I also loved that Veronica is a beaming and strong personality that is set on living her life for herself because she seems to understand that you never know when it will end Watching the connection between these two grow and bloom into something even larger was so special and I really enjoyed that part of the story They make me want to read romance.I enjoyed how well written all the characters in this story are, and there are plenty of them Because there are so many that play huge parts in this story, I expected some of them to not be as fleshed out but that is the opposite While you don t get to spend much time with Veronica s friends Scarlett, Jesse, Leo, and Nazareth, each of these characters are so well developed that you actually can get a sense of who they are especially in regards to Veronica The same is the case for other secondary characters like Veronica s Dad, Sawyer s Mom, Glory, and Nazareth s Mom.While the love story is very sweet and the ending is satisfactory, I also got a kick out of the storyline related to ghosts and hauntings That entire plotline felt so well developed obviously, McGarry did her research and wanted to make these parts as sound as possible I love the attention to detail and how these things were taken as scary or creepy but just as natural parts of life here The revelation about ghosts and hauntings at the end of this book really got me and struck something in me McGarry s take on these sorts of phenomena, and the idea that perhaps all the negative gets left behind once someone dies and that we can have haunted lives without physical ghosts and eerie presences really struck something at my core I love those deeper ideas and how they meshed so well into this story It s not every day that you read a YA contemporary romance and can take away some larger concepts about life and death that stick with you And as a small note, I LOVED McGarry s hidden or veiled comments on environmental pollution and the effects of dangerous environments created by large companies Both Veronica s and her mother s brain tumors were the results of environmental degradation by a large company in a city they lived in previously I am glad that McGarry added this element into this story it gives a starting place for young readers and adult readers to think about pollution and its effects on our bodies, and perhaps a story that readers can connect something this disastrous with Thank you McGarry for adding this in and creating a space for contemplation and discussion.The last little thing I want to mention is McGarry s use of a historic diary from a Tuberculosis patient back in the early 1900s It is so AMAZING that she figured out a way to work a primary source into this story but then directly used it for the beginning of Sawyer s chapters I love this it is brilliant Thank you, McGarry, for creating a space where historical research and using primary sources is beneficial, beautiful, and fun Great job on this and hopefully it will make others interested in history Overall, a fantastic book I basically read it in a day, even though I marked it as two on Goodreads I really don t have any huge complaints there were a few places where the language read strange, but nothing huge jumped out McGarry obviously knows how to write a good story and keep the reader hooked with what is going to happen I applaud her use of a strong female character who is a little weird because she is someone who many others could relate to in some aspect or characteristic I truly loved this book and can t wait for it to come out in January 2020 because I think it will end up on some big lists Thank you BookishFirst for the ARC copy I am so grateful

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    Thank you so much to BookishFirst and Tor Forge Books for my advanced copy of Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry I do not read a lot of young adult contemporary because as a 30 something year old, I can never identify with the characters or stories, and I am SO HAPPY to say that this is not the case with this amazing book.First I just want to comment on the location I originally thought that the book took place in Saranac Lake because of the TB hospital and note up front, but there is a portion of a real diary included in the novel from a patient at the hospital The book actually takes place somewhere in Kentucky, but I still was jumping at home being mentioned in a book at all.I loved the characters and the lessons they learned Veronica is dealing with a brain tumor and believes that she is living life to the fullest or is she just waiting to die Sawyer is a popular kid who has a whole houseful of his own issues, and the unlikely couple end up empowering each other to confront their fears.The book revolves around a school project that Veronica and Sawyer are doing together, to prove or disprove that ghosts exist The themes about residual hauntings are absolutely beautiful, concluding that these are caused by emotions and events too powerful to leave the mortal world, and they can haunt a person in their day to day decisions There may or may not be evidence of other ghosts in the story, but those are part of the fun of reading.It is not a ghost story though, I thought it was shaping up to turn into one but it really isn t, it is SO much The book deals with delicate and important themes like depression, alcoholism, enablers, addiction in general, and mortal illness Poor little Lucy, Sawyer s younger sister, seems to be the wildcard in the story and I just felt so bad for that little girl The one part that I wasn t quite thrilled with was Sawyer s voice when we first met him, I don t really like cryptic language that usually means a poor attempt at foreshadowing Stick with him though because it ends up making sense, and he ended up being my favorite of the dual points of view.I think Veronica and Sawyer have a great relationship though and their groups of friends are really, truly good friends, which is shown towards the end of the book Their dad s are also great characters, V s dad is a big amazing papa bear and I loved him, then Sawyer s dad at the end stepping up and taking care of his kids was a good message as well I think this is a great book for young adults and teens and even adults to read, as it made me think a lot about some of the aforementioned themes.I would totally recommend this book to ANYONE, which is rare for me It publishes January 14th so check it out if it sounds up your alley

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    This book was beautifully written It was the first time I ve read McGarry even though I own so many of her books and definitely not the last time.The characters were fleshed out and it was easy to grow attached to them I particularly liked Veronica She was different and quirky, and strangely enough, emotionally endearing even though she wasn t a reliable character due to her illness The romance with Sawyer was sweet and added an uplifting touch to an otherwise pretty sad story.I think where the book lost a star for me was the ghost story Now it was sort of explained at the end, but I was still left wondering if this was supposed to be a contemporary book or a paranormal one.Thank you to the publisher for the ARC I really did enjoy reading this story.

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    As a devoted Katie McGarry fan I was a little worried when this book was marketed as a breakout novel and a move into a new genre I shouldn t have worried Echoes Between Us is everything a Katie McGarry novel always is heartbreaking, emotional, addictive, thrilling and romantic with ghosts It s actually not much different from its companion novel Only A Breath Apart, which introduced a touch of the supernatural to the main story of family complexity and romance Echoes Between Us encapsulates so many emotions and such important topics around grief, learning difficulties, illness and addiction.Veronica can see her mother s ghost It, along with crippling migraines, is a constant reminder that she has a brain tumour, like the tumour that killed her mother But she s not afraid to die Veronica is curious about the footsteps and rumbles in her own home, the rumours of ghosts that haunt the abandoned TB hospital, the stories of a girl who walks along the stretch of road where she died When Sawyer moves into the rooms above Veronica s house, he is sceptical of the warnings he receives about it being haunted Even sceptical of Veronica and her band of friends He s got bigger troubles, like taking care of his mother and sister, and resisting to urge to get adrenaline highs from cliff jumping But Sawyer and Veronica are drawn together, and in order to hide a secret, Sawyer agrees to partner with Veronica on her ghost hunting senior project.There are many familiar faces from Only A Breath Apart in Echoes Between Us I loved returning to the tight friendship group of Jesse, Nazareth, Leo, Veronica and Scarlet And it was fabulous getting to know Sawyer and his group of friends At first they seem cruel and rude and they are, but they learn and as the reader gets to know them better there is so much to discover about their stories My heart broke for Sawyer He carries so much and feels so bad about the ways in which he is cracking under the weight As he moved from judging Veronica to finding in her someone he can trust and share his secrets, he also learns to open up to others This book deals with addiction Sawyer is addicted to adrenaline rushes, his mother is an alcoholic It takes a long time for Sawyer to be able to admit to this Watching his journey from staying apart from people to learning to get help was amazing and so important for teen readers This book is all about casting off shame and stigma In fact, it s exactly the opposite all about being open and understanding, both to others and to yourself I loved how Katie McGarry wove her story of ghosts, faith and the scepticism of others The book is open in every way Each of the characters has a different explanation for the phenomenon they experience, whether that s ghosts, God, medical symptoms, reflections of one s mental health or something else Readers can make what they want of the explanations, can bring their own beliefs to the story and see it through that lens Echoes Between Us is not an overly scary ghost story, it s certainly not a horror story, but there are a few hair raising moments It s mostly a love story, with a big emphasis on family, friends and trauma The supernatural parts reflect the internal battles of the characters so well There is diversity and acceptance and themes about learning to be accepting of others, which is so important in YA fiction I particularly admire Sawyer and his approach to his dyslexia, his support of his friend after her coming out, the way Sawyer and his group of friends learn not to judge Veronica and her friends for being different and for the way in which Veronica must face her grief and fear.I loved this book Loved the way Katie McGarry handled every single detail I can t wait to see what she writes next, and I d really love to return to this main group of characters again The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my own.Find reviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library

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