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[Ebook] The How & the Why By Cynthia Hand –

The How & the WhyA Poignant Exploration Of Family And The Ties That Bind, Perfect For Fans Of Far From The Tree, From New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia HandToday Melly Had Us Writing Letters To Our Babies Cassandra McMurtrey Has The Best Parents A Girl Could Ask For They Ve Given Cass A Life She Wouldn T Trade For The World She Has Everything She Needs Except Maybe The One Thing She Wants Like, To Know Who She Is Where She Came From Questions Her Adoptive Parents Can T Answer, No Matter How Much They Love HerBut Eighteen Years Ago, Someone Wrote Cass A Series Of Letters And They May Just Hold The Answers Cass Has Been Searching ForAlternating Between Cass S Search For Answers And Letters From The Pregnant Teen Who Gave Her Up For Adoption, This Voice Driven Narrative Is The Perfect Read For Fans Of Nina LaCour And Jandy Nelson

[Ebook] The How & the Why By Cynthia Hand –
  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • The How & the Why
  • Cynthia Hand
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780062693167

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    Covering coming SOOOOOOOON.

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    Beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful. Such an emotional ride This book seems to have the author s heart imprinted on each page And honestly, I loved every aspect of this novel and every character It s a story about family, friendship, and the need to belong in both ways about first love and first major choices, about passions and and achievements and disappointments it s a story about so much .It s powerful, it s heartwarming, it s incredible and deep and still beautifully subtle in some ways.I highly recommend it.Full review soon.

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    The point is, I hope you get it the why of the whole thing I hope you have a good life a boring, no drama, no real problems kind of life.Good luck, X I wish you the best I have such a weakness for family stories I will without fail, pick up a book if family is a central focus, and I can say The How the Why is a great addition to the emotional family centric stories that I love The story is told in 2 perspectives 18 year old Cass as she s getting ready for all that comes with senior year , and letters from 16 year old, S who gave her up 18 years ago I really liked Cass as a character She s honest and flawed and it s so easy to feel for her through all of her struggles Her friendships with Nyla and Bastian are wonderful Seeing from her birth mother s perspective was really nice, and woven into the story seamlessly S can really set a scene My biggest complaint with the story was that I didn t really buy Cassa and Nyla s acting prowess, so some of that stuff fell falt for me Otherwise, The How the Why is an emotionally raw story about family and identity that will tug on your heartstrings Sidenote I would LOVE a novella that explores what happens after the epiloge I think the story ends in the right place narratively But as soon as I finished the book, I put it down in my lap and said NO so I would really love to see the next of THe How the Why I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Full review to be posted on closer to the release date which is in November, not December Oops , but just know that this is probably going to be my favorite book of 2019 So read this book as soon as you can get your hands on it And also have a box of tissues ready

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    As soon as I saw the synopsis for this book, I knew I wanted to read it as I have always been fascinated with adoption stories and the desire to meet your birth parents I think it has stemmed from the fact that my dad never knew his birth father and also I have an older half brother who was adopted out five and half years before I was born I have met him a few times but we aren t close In The How and the Why, you could also see the author s realness shine through as she was also adopted The How and Why starts off with one of our main characters a 16 yr old pregnant girl S who is in a home for unwed mothers and they are writing as a project letters to their future babies at first S doesn t want to write as she is giving up the baby but as the book goes along, we see her getting into the groove of it and writing her unborn child letters The second storyline jumps 18 years into the future where we meet Cassandra aka Cass who was the baby of S and adopted out Her adopted mother is sick and now that she is 18 years old and ready for college, she has this desire to know about her birth parents and the why Cass s best friend is also adopted from Libya and we learn a little about her adoption too I had hoped that this book s ending would have had maybe an extra chapter as it felt like it had just gotten to the most exciting part and then wham bam it s over The ending of this book reminded me of C.C Hunter s In Another Life as like in The How and the Why by Cynthia Hand I felt a bit cheated at the ending as it s like the book had a major lead up and then poof it s over and very anti climatic If you are wanting a story that focuses on the lead up to the adoption but not much for the after adoption life, then you will enjoy The How and the Why But if you are in it, for the latter don t expect too much and you won t be disappointed like I was slight.

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    The How and the Why is a Young Adult contemporary book.I have enjoyed previous books by this author so I was excited to get to read her newest book.The narrator is 18 year old Cassandra 1st person POV She lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho.Cassandra is starting her senior year of high school So she has to think about college But she also has other serious things going on in her life.She was adopted at birth And now that she is 18 she has to decide if she wants to learn about her birth mother This is her story But the book is interspersed with letters from the 16 year old girl who gave her up for adoption.Also there is a major storyline concerning Cass mom the one who raised her.This book was emotional and moving Although the beginning was slowly paced It took me a while to truly get into this story But once I did I could not put it down.My favorite things about this book 1 Cass parents 2 The fact that Cass loves musical theatre and that her school is performing Into The Woods, which I adore 3 The epilogue This epilogue blew me away.This story was so interesting I liked seeing how adoption could affect an entire family And I really enjoyed being in Cass head I was beyond obsessed with everything involving the school musical I actually wish that we had gotten even Into The Woods I was also riveted by the story going on with Cass mom who adopted her That added a lot to the book Plus I was very invested by her college decisions, especially re everything to do with scholarships.Also the author s notes were very touching she was adopted What a wonderful YA story that focuses on family As mentioned the epilogue was epic Although I really wish that the story had continued I would have loved to see what happened after the last scene in the book.Thanks to edelweiss and HarperTeen for allowing me to read this book.

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    The How and the Why is a touching, remarkable novel about family Cynthia Hand delivers sad and funny moments that will have readers chuckling even as they wipe away tears A story about adoption, belonging, acceptance and love.Cass has always known she was adopted It s something her parents have shared with her, even if there were no details about her birth parents, their lives or why they gave her up for adoption But as Cass s mother waits for a heart transplant that seems increasingly unlikely, Cass is struck by a desire to find her birth mother.Cass is a likeable character She is funny, a good friend, loves her parents, is concerned about doing the right thing, makes mistakes, says and does things she regrets, knows that looking for her birth parents could cause her parents hurt and doesn t want to do that, loves drama and acting and singing, and is basically a nice, thoughtful, flawed teenager It is enjoyable to read as she navigates friendships, crushes and her end of school days, and makes choices about her future,Spaced between Cass s story are letters written by Cass s birth mother They are long, detailed letters and so wonderfully capture the voice, fears and hopes of this young woman facing pregnancy and the adoption of her child I think these letters were my favourite part of the story They provide enough detail to give the reader a full picture of her life and decisions And the way they are scattered into Cass s story was done perfectly Unsurprisingly, this book is about family Cass loves her parents and they share a wonderful, open relationship Cass s mother is sick, waiting for a heart transplant and this situation and her mother s support for Cass s search for her birth mother brought tears to my eyes Cass also has the support of a loving extended family I almost died laughing during the scene we first meet Cass s grandmother and uncle Awkward The way The How and the Why discusses adoption and family, the choice to put a child up for adoption and the search for birth parents was done with so much heart There is so much to this book crushes on boys, complicated friendships the friendship between Nyla and Cass was awesome and so authentic , further education choices, financial difficulties, the impact of coming out to an unsupportive family I really enjoyed this story and fell in love with the characters But that epilogue Seriously That it NOT how you end a book Now I m going to need a sequel just to find out what happens in those final few moment Seriously I m kind of mad right now Luckily, the book is worth it.The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my own.Find reviews, reading age guides, content advisory, and recommendations on my blog Madison s Library

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    This is my favorite Cynthia Hand contemporary novel she has written so far Hand tells us two stories One is in form of letter of a pregnant teen to her unborn baby and the other is the story of a adopted girl Both of the girls had different voices but I found myself interested in the life of the mysterious pregnant girl.

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    Not a damn clue what this is about but it s Cynthia Hand so I gotta have it

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    Get out your tissues This heartwarming saga explores adoption from both sides Cassandra turns eighteen and begins a search for her birth mother Simultaneously we read the letters her birth mother was writing while she was pregnant I kept imagining Ellen Page from Juno when I was reading the letters Simply lovely and such an affirmation of life Thank you to HarperTeen and Edelweiss for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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