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TackerI Am Not OkayFifteen Months Ago, My Life Was Turned Upside Down When The Plane I Was Piloting Went Down Injured And Trapped In The Wreckage, I Had To Watch My Fianc E Die A Painfully Slow Death, Which Is Something That Can Really Mess With Your Head Since That Day, I Ve Had Little Desire To Do Much Of Anything Except Play Hockey, That Is Because That Is The One Place Where The Bad Memories Are Banished And I Can Escape My PainBut Off The Ice, I M Spiraling Out Of Control Losing The Grip On My Life And Putting Myself And My Career In Danger Now, Thanks To A String Of Bad Decisions, I Ve Been Ordered To Complete Therapy In Order To Stay On The TeamThe Problem Nora Wayne, My Beautiful And Somewhat Unconventional Therapist I Can T Buy Into The Brand Of Happy Clappy Crap This Woman Is Feeding Me What Could She Possibly Understand About The Type Of Loss That I Ve Suffered How Does She Know Anything About Finding Happiness After Losing The Most Important Person In Your Life Turns Out, I Ve Got A Lot To Learn, And She S Just The Person I Need To Break Through Those Walls I Ve Erected I Am Not OkayBut For The First Time In A Long Time, I Know That I Will Be

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    FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided By Author She turned on a fucking light in my darkroom She s the one who flipped the switch It feels like it s been an eternity s worth of waiting to finally get Tacker Hall s story He s the one Arizona Vengeance player that has intrigued me from the start His life was turned upside down when he lost his beautiful fianc in a plane crash He was the pilot In Tacker s book, we learn just how deeply tortured he is and we finally find out what happened on that fateful night No one has been able to break through his walls he put up and Tacker nearly ended it all during a drunk driving incident Now he s forced to seek therapy or be kicked off the team Nora Wayne is a psychologist who uses unique therapy methods to help her patients She s the perfect therapist for Tacker because she too has suffered tremendous loss through nightmarish circumstances.Tacker and Nora make the perfect couple and you can t help but hope they have the happily ever after they both deserve Their stories are equally horrific and heartbreaking While I loved the characters, I felt like something was missing The anticipation had built so much to get to Tacker s story that I think my expectations were set too high There was little angst which I m used to getting in these books, and maybe that was missing because these two characters had suffered enough in their short lifetime Overall, it was a very sweet and touching romance Tacker and Nora s story will touch your hearts Here are my overall ratings Hero 4Heroine 4Plot Angst 4Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 4TACKER release on November 5th BN Apple Google Play Kobo PB BN PB Audible narrated by Stephen Dexter Lucy Rivers

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    This is the eighth time I have put my fingers to the keyboard to write a review since the day I finished like three weeks ago, but only the first time I ve done it without having a cryfest, so progress stay tuned because I have things to say

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    5 Worth the Wait Stars Spoiler Free It s LIVE When pain and loss are so intense, how can you manage to believe things could ever be good againFor those of us who have been following the series, Tacker has been a serious part of the team and the progression Since the series has used the same timeframe for each book, the desire to know about Tacker has been building Sawyer Bennett is a master and with each teammate s story we have been led to this moment we are primed and ready for Tacker s story and HEA Tacker has been carrying a very heavy load and on a significant calendar date causing blinding inner rage, he makes choices that lead him to his lowest point.The The team s owner gives Tacker s his Come to Jesus Moment when he lays down the lawpresents a series of requirements Tacker has to obey in order to stay on the team Most of them Tacker can do in his sleep, no problem The most important one, though, is the hardest and will cause him the most pain, therapy Tacker knows he needs to do this because the only way he will be able to stay on the team and do what gives him a reason for being is skating There he can breatheThere he can be the person he once wasWithout skating, Tacker has no escapeSo therapy it isOnly the first therapist Tacker goes to is someone who seems interested in impressing him about all the degrees he has than concern about Tacker and why he is even there Leaving the office, Tacker calls the owner and tells him, this guy sucks and please I need something or someone different, someone who will get who I amNora Wayne is someone who at first glance seems like she has the world on a string and is shooting sunshine rays at everyone She is a therapist who specializes in unconventional ways to get to the root of problems She understands pain from personal experience and uses this insight with her clients Her methods of using horses, the farm with all the physical work which needs doing, and the patience to see when to push or take another path with those she is treating are her strengths and gift She is a transplant from another country, arriving here in Arizona when she was twelve Her adopted mom brought her here and the manager of the land, Raul, taught her how to ride and everything about the farm She grew into a beautiful woman and now owns the farm with Raul being the closest thing she has to family Nora s purpose and joy are to help those overcome the demons they carry and allow them to see they can begin again, whether it is a disadvantaged youth who is closed off and never received open love to the Hockey player whose boss just made her a deal she couldn t refuse to work with him As Tacker introduces himself to Nora, he is going through the motions He has to do therapy in order to skate They both go to her office and right off the bat, Tacker is being a bit of an ass What else is newNora sees where this is going and decides to handle it the best way she knows howAfter realizing what a fool he was, Tacker and Nora make a schedule for his sessions She tells him he will have to open up and it is the only way.This story touches on real pain and loss of all types, especially guilt and rage Tacker is not the only one who has experienced devastating loss and horror and because Nora shows him how to handle his issuesHe starts to see a way to come back to the person he once was I loved this story It had heart It had the answers I had been waiting for since the introduction of Tacker in this series His journey was hard yet with the care and honesty from Nora, Tacker was able to open his mind to what he could have if he did the emotional work We met him at his lowest point, saw the pain tear him up, and he almost didn t come back to be a real part of his team With this journey with Nora, we are given the gift of their learning about each other and both of them take the necessary risks to love again.In this story, both characters are equals in the passion for each other and in the way they communicate and share They never seemed to have an imbalance of power between them.Ms Bennett had already planted the seed of her next story, Dominik, in Dax s book It should be just as strong as this one Bishop Arizona Vengeance, 1 Erik Arizona Vengeance, 2 Legend Arizona Vengeance, 3 Dax Arizona Vengeance 4 Tacker Arizona Vengeance, 5 Dominik Arizona Vengeance 6 Before Reading Yes, We have all Been Waiting for you, TackerI am so thrilled to finally be privy to all your goodness How do you liveHow do you block out the horrorThe only way Tacker Hall can have any relief from his painIs to be on the IceBut what do you do when it doesn t seem like enoughWhen you are lost and can t keep it together anyTacker has been given an ultimatum Get the help he needs nowOr end his careerThe only question I have is who will be the one to guide him throughTacker Arizona Vengeance 5 November 5th 2019 A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest reviewFor Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    LIVE Will Tacker overcome his demons and help lead the Vengeance to victory, or will his personal losses put his career on ice He s a professional hockey player spiraling following the death of his fiancee She s the team appointed therapist tasked with helping him move forward A forbidden love A second chance at happinessDownload TACKER now Nook Apple Google Kobo Paperback Audible narrated by Stephen Dexter and Lucy Rivers I am not okay.Fifteen months ago, my life was turned upside down when the plane I was piloting went down Injured and trapped in the wreckage, I had to watch my fianc e die a painfully slow death, which is something that can really mess with your head.Since that day, I ve had little desire to do much of anything Except play hockey, that is Because that is the one place where the bad memories are banished and I can escape my pain.But off the ice, I m spiraling out of control Losing the grip on my life and putting myself and my career in danger Now, thanks to a string of bad decisions, I ve been ordered to complete therapy in order to stay on the team.The problem Nora Wayne, my beautiful and somewhat unconventional therapist I can t buy into the brand of happy clappy crap this woman is feeding me What could she possibly understand about the type of loss that I ve suffered How does she know anything about finding happiness after losing the most important person in your life Turns out, I ve got a lot to learn, and she s just the person I need to break through those walls I ve erected.I am not okay.But for the first time in a long time, I know that I will be.Download TACKER now Nook Apple Google Kobo Paperback Audible narrated by Stephen Dexter and Lucy Rivers

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    NOW LIVE US UK Tacker brought all the feels to this series and I absolutely adored it Tacker Hall is having a hard time dealing with the pain of losing his fiance in a plane crash A plane that he was piloting and was then stuck in while his fiance died next to him When his grief gets too out of control he s sent to therapy in the hopes that he ll learn how to cope and be able to love hockey again And with the help of his therapist, Nora Wayne, he may even learn to love than the game.Tacker s pain was so heartbreaking to see in the previous books and it also made him a bit of a mystery since it was hard to tell what was under all of that grief So I was really excited to get my hands on this story and finally meet the Tacker that wasn t overcome by his sadness and determined to push people away Well let me just say, it was well worth the wait and I loved him.He and Nora s relationship was slow moving and didn t actually develop into something until later in the book than I usually like But it worked for them and made sense to their story so I enjoyed that we got to see Nora helping and befriending Tacker before there was of a romance They also had almost no angsty moments and I appreciated that there wasn t any drama coming between them and hurting all the progress that Tacker had made in moving on That s not to say that they didn t have a very enjoyable romance though I loved them together and Nora was an amazing and likable heroine Overall, this is a must read and I definitely recommend it Tacker has been in the previous books but you can read this one as a standalone with no problem ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sawyer Bennett continues her energetic and captivating Arizona Vengeance series with this tale of angry, broken Tacker Hall, NHL star, and Nora Wayne, the woman who helped him find happiness again.Tacker has been a lost character in previous novels because of the guilt and sadness caused when the plane he was piloting crashed and slowly killed his fianc e Hockey has been his only solace, but outside it his poor decisions have put his career in danger and now he s been order to get professional help or be booted off the team.His therapist, Nora Wayne although beautiful, is a tad unusual and spouts sunshine and optimism he can t possibly believe in after such a tragic loss He thought it would be impossible for anyone who had suffered like him would find happiness, but after getting to know her a bit he realizes she ll be able to get through to him and as they both continue to spend time together, they cannot deny the deeper than normal connection between a patient and therapist nor the irresistible desire they have for one another.Sawyer Bennett offers a beautifully touching, sweet and sexy story completely different from the rest in the series about a man whose grief and anger have led him on a self destructive path, and even though Nora has survived an even greater tragedy it is her optimism that shines in the novel She is a confident, kind, strong and resilient heroine who is determined to live life to its fullest and it s her brilliance that captivates and motivates Tacker whose true self shines with Nora s help, showing a thoughtful, giving and caring hero.I loved how Sawyer thoughtfully undertakes a heavy subject like grief and aids her characters towards finding light and meaning after a terrible loss and unnecessary guilt With Nora and Tacker, Bennett gives her readers two worthy characters whose story is as engaging as it is touching and uplifting She also introduces Aaron Wylde, who along with the rest of the first line of the Arizona Vengeance help Tacker in his journey I loved spending time with them and I CAN T WAIT to read the next books in the series Tacker is book 5 of the Arizona Vengeance series by Sawyer Bennett It s a lightly forbidden romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending.My super quick review recap Cover 5 Hero 5 Heroine 5 Sexiness 5 Feels 5 Plot 5 Overall rating 5 I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author The excerpts are from that copy I am voluntarily reviewing this title Stalk me on FaceBook Instagram More reviews

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    4 Stars ARC provided by author Tacker Hall plays professional hockey for the expansion team the Arizona Vengeance in Phoenix, Arizona Fifteen months ago his entire life was thrown upside down when he was in a plane crash, and lost his fianc Now he s just struggling to get by, and doesn t really care about anything other than hockey Being on the ice was the only thing that momentarily cleared his head Tired of suffering from nightmares, and drowning in pain, he makes a mistake that could cost him his career He s considered a risk, and was temporarily suspended As one of the league s star players, they need him back on the ice He s given an ultimatum, and to keep his job, he has to do grief counseling If he didn t work on his emotional healing, he would be let go It was time to confront his demons, or his hockey career was over.He doesn t want to let his teammates down, and wants to stay on the team He has problems opening up, and this will be extremely difficult for him, but he has to try He meets Nora Wayne, a therapist who is genuine and takes her job healing people seriously She s compassionate, and just what he needs Soon she gives him hope that he can maybe one day be okay Her unconventional techniques work for him, and soon he wonders if he will get another chance at happiness Tacker, an Arizona Vengeance novel by Sawyer Bennett is a beautiful, emotional story about pain, healing, loss, self discovery, and second chances I have been looking forward to Tacker s book for a while, and it didn t disappoint I really enjoyed this one and look forward to in this series NOW AVAILABLE

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    4.5 starsSo many feels for Tacker by Sawyer Bennett It s beautifully written, the storyline held my interest from start to end and my heart broke for both Tacker and Nora.Watching the pain and guilt Tacker was going through was gut wrenching He was a broken man who had lost his way after losing his fiancee in a horrible plane accident Not happy at being forced into therapy by his Hockey Management Tacker finds himself slowly opening up to Nora Nora has a beautiful and caring heart that has been through her own demons and totally the perfect person to help Tacker These two souls were meant for each other, together they were able to find peace, comfort and a love that will last a lifetime.This is one of those books once you start reading you won t be able to put it down I loved everything about it, truly a beautiful heartfelt romance.Tacker and Nora are perfect together Tacker is an excellent addition to the Arizona Vengeance series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them all.Now I need Dominik ASAP NOW LIVE BN Apple Google Play Kobo PB BN PB ARC was provided in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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    Heart hitting romanceI have been waiting impatiently I admit it for Tacker s story since he was introduced to the Vengeance hockey family The short glimpses of him painted a picture of a man in pain, lost in grief Tacker had pulled away from everyone and everything He had to face his loss, his past, or his future was very much in jeopardy Hearing his voice, feeling his pain, meant I felt everything right along with him as he worked hard to get it together Nora came into his life at precisely the right moment.And Nora Well, she was the right words, the healing touch, he needed to put it all in perspective It was okay to hurt and still live And Tacker, well, he was everything she didn t realize she was missing This one sitting read had me glued to the pages, smiling, misty and even laughing as Tacker and Nora reminded me that life was full of pain but also sweet love and hope So, so good Diane, 5 stars Tacker s story was an emotional one that will hit close to home to some so have Kleenex, chocolate and your favorite type of drink because you will need it It still felt as if it just happened yesterday for Tacker and at times it feels as if it will never go away, But despite it all Tacker keeps going and yes that means going to the therapist that was part of the deal that gave him a second chance at playing the sport he loves Nora had a way with Tacker and I truly believe that her patience and encouragement played a big part in Tacker being able to forgive himself and look towards the future A beautiful reminder to forgive, love, appreciate the second chances we get and to look towards the future Kara 4.5 Stars

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    Woot Another Sawyer Bennett hockey hottie to add to my collection This book right here is the one I have been waiting for since the start of the Arizona Vengeance series Tacker Hall stole my heart back in Bishop, and I have been impatiently awaiting his book since With what we have learned of him so far, I was expecting this book to completely rip my heart out and have it stomped on I was wonderfully surprised that this wasn t the case Sure, this book is heavy on the emotions, however we were not lead down the ugly cry road My heart was heavy, sure, I shed a few tears, however this story was filled with so much hope and lightness that I found myself smiling a lot too Nora is just adorable I couldn t help but like her from the first time we meet her Sparky and sassy and funny, but with her own demons to tackle I did keep waiting for the OMG big thing moment, however we didn t get one of those Tacker isn t that kind of man anyway so it makes sense not to get one I so, so loved when Dominik was in this story I cannot wait for his story Dax is going to lose his mind Please don t make me wait too long for ARC received for an honest review

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