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PDF / Epub ★ The Last Affair Author Margot Hunt –

The Last AffairLove May Be Blind, But Obsession S A Real KillerNora Holliday Is Not That Kind Of Woman Not The Kind Who Has An Illicit Affair With A Married Man But Josh Landon Is Everything Nora S Alcoholic Husband Isn T And Now She And Josh Are So Infatuated, They Can T Stay Away From One AnotherAbby Landon, Josh S Daughter, Is Home From College Nursing A Broken Heart She S Seeking Solace, Not Scandal, So When She Catches Her Dad Kissing Nora, She Vows To Take The Homewrecker DownAnd As For Abby S Mother And Josh S Wife, Gwen To Anyone On The Outside Looking In, The Mother Of Two Appears To Be Living The Ideal Suburban LifeUntil She Winds Up DeadThe Serene Seaside Town Of Shoreham Has Always Been The Perfect Place To Raise A Family Not Somewhere Housewives Are Brutally Murdered So Who Killed Gwen Landon, And How Many Twisted Secrets Will Be Exposed As The Vindictive Plot Comes Undone

PDF / Epub ★ The Last Affair Author Margot Hunt –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Last Affair
  • Margot Hunt
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9780778309222

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    I was super excited to read Margot Hunt s latest because I so enjoyed her last, For Better Or Worse BUT, this one was just okay for me.We have some unlikeable characters and it took a while for me to really get into the story line There is some drama and a twisted love triangle that some may enjoy, but pretty middle of the road for me Nothing that really shocked surprised me or stood out as something original Believe me, I kept waiting..Also, wasn t a big fan of how it ended I do enjoy this author and her writing style She has a way of keeping you engaged to find out how things will end even though I wasn t thrilled with this one I do look forward to her next Thanks to the Publisher for my early review copy OUT November 26,2019

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    Other than the woman s blood covered body splayed facedown in the grass, it could have been any typical upscale Floridian backyard That is the opening sentence of Margot Hunt s soon to be released third novel, The Last Affair available on Nov 26, 2019 Josh and Gwen s daughter Abby, left college when she discovered her boyfriend cheating on her, with her best friend.She comes home to discover that her Dad, is cheating on her mother, with Nora Already feeling irrational, she vows to take the home wrecker down But public personas don t always match private ones, and she has no idea what she is about to unleash..Because that dead body on the grassthat s her mother, Gwenand you won t know who is responsible till the last few pages That s the thing about love It s not rational Margot Hunt writes riveting DOMESTIC SUSPENSE Just like Best Friends Forever, and For Better Or Worse, I could not put this one down Her characters are so real that I recognized myself, or someone I knew in each of them, despite the fact that their thoughts and actions are not always those that you would be proud of As ALWAYS with her books, I was completely engaged from start to finish she is an author whose writing consistently works for me I enjoyed all three of the narratives in this one Nora s, Gwen s and Abby sNow that ending that has been alluded to Yes, it may have been a bit of a stretchbut then againsometimes life is stranger than fiction, so maybe not Thank you to Edelweiss, Mira books and Margot Hunt for the digital ARC that I received in exchange for a candid review If you enjoyed the author s previous work, pre order now I don t think you will be disappointed

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    You know the type of book that holds your attention, yet brings nothing new to the table from the previous 97 domestic suspense novels you ve read before it Yea, that was this one Don t get me wrong, it has soapy drama and a love triangle and enough unlikable characters to put a Real Housewives round table to shame, but I feel like I ve read this exact book so many times that it may be time to put the genre behind me If you enjoy middle of the road characters and are looking for an easy, entertaining read to pass the time, give this one a try Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley.

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    Holy crap This book grabbed me from page one, where a grisly murder takes place, and did not let up for one single second until the very end when you find out which of several characters in this crazy, juicy thriller did the deed.I zoomed through this one like it was my job and hated it when I had to set it down Thank you to Margot Hunt, HARLEQUIN MIRA U.S and Canada , and NetGalley for giving me a widget for this book.

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    This sounds hella dramatic and I m here for it Perfect for a Thanksgiving holiday week release.I mean, what says dramatic than Thanksgiving Really excited to get to this Thank you, MIRA, for the ARC

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    Was a good premise, well written, enjoyed the characters, loved the drama, but not a huge fan of the ending.

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    Love may be blind, but obsession s a real killer When vindictiveness becomes deadly for one housewife and mother things can never go back to the way they once were.How could this all have happened and why is the million dollar question.I mean truly Nora isn t a whore she s a married woman whose seeking comfort in the arms of another married man Her husband wasn t the model husband having an abusive streak Carter turned to gambling, alcohol, and violence against his wife Nora.So how can you blame her for wanting in a marriage but what about Gwen who is Josh s wife and mother of their two children Katie 13 yo and Dylan 17yo What will happen if this secretive relationship progressives Well the truth is we don t have all the facts at least not yet That s where a great author with a fab mind comes in so enter Margot Hunt to take over this ever thickening and crazy wild plot twists.Folks hold on to your hat as you re in for one hell of a wild ride

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    Read it, loved it and need to know if there s going to be a sequel I was hooked from beginning to end wondering how everything was going to tie together What a great writer and a plot that kept me engaged from beginning to end.

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    FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON NOVEMBER 26.The book opens with a dead woman in her back yard face down and bloody Who could the attacker have been Most of the book was about family relationships than the murder, but once the affair was revealed to the non participating spouses and the murder scene described, the book s tension ramped up and concluded with a chilling ending.This is my first book my Ms Hunt Her writing draws you in and creates situations that have you wanting to continue to see how everything turns out.I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to mystery readers who need a change of pace for a lighter take on a mystery The ending definitely turned the entire book around for me.I hope you enjoy THE LAST AFFAIR if you read it 4 5This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    At least 5 stars Hunt does it every time She s figured out the best strategy for psychological domestic thrillers and she nails it every time she writes one in that genre Her name makes it where I automatically need to read Thrilling, chilling, suspense filled, shocking A must read for my fellow thriller lovers Will make sure to race it up

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