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[ KINDLE ] ❁ The Apotheosis Author Darrell Lee –

The Apotheosis Read The Apotheosis By Darrell Lee Absolute Power Corrupts, And The Scientist At The Center Of Darrell Lee S New Science Fiction Thriller The Apotheosis , Is The Perfect Storm Of Ill Intentioned Genius, Wealth, And Cruel Obsession.Channeling The Propulsive Action And Scientific Authenticity Of A Michael Crichton Novel, Darrell Lee Delivers An All To Plausible Bio Engineering Disaster In The Waiting John Numen Is The Man With Too Much Money, Status, And Brilliance For His Own Good With A Tale Spanning Nearly A Century, Numen S Technological Advancements Remake The World In His Own Image To Devastating Results.

[ KINDLE ] ❁ The Apotheosis  Author Darrell   Lee –
  • Paperback
  • 362 pages
  • The Apotheosis
  • Darrell Lee
  • English
  • 22 November 2018
  • 9781946329806

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    Summary Quick read due to pacing and chapter divisions Interesting story about love, hate, greed, dedication and hubris.Apotheosis is a 360 page blur The story is fast paced, drawing the reader in with bravado and questions from the start Natural breaks allow the book to be read in short sittings or long sessions alike The story follows John Numen, think Tony Stark with a dark side At times I found myself rooting for John and at others wishing for his death One of the questions I was left with at the end is would John s life have been different if not for one event in his life It s questions like that which are the highlight of this book It is well written and the plot is presented in a believable manner Side stories and tangents are quickly and cleanly resolved.I judge artistic works by how m...

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    APOTHEOSIS, by Darrell Lee, takes one into a future cloning experiment by John Numen Numen is a doctor who has had great success in using his research to clone animals, but than takes his research to a darker side Very well written, a novel that does not seem to be far into today s headlines on cloning research Darrel lee s writing style has to ability to bring alive this story of in...

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    This novel is a modern day take on Frankenstein, with a protagonist who is a part genius, part amoral, almost evil creature, a mad scientist of a kind with a discovery that leads him down the road from intellectual progeny, to ignominy.John Numen s journey begins when he discovers a scientific breakthrough that somehow allows him the greatest gift a person can seek immortality How that is accomplished requires a little suspension of disbelief, but it s an entertaining ride.The plot is very quick moving, and the reader will find herself caught up in the action fairy quickly, and swept along There are some slightly implausible elements that allow John to be successful, such as making him rich through no doing of his own, which thus allows him the luxury to escape to an uninhabited island and conduct his experiments in private That aside,...

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    I received this ARC as part of a Goodreads giveaway.I found the story fast paced intriguing, just enough technical information to keep you interested but not too much to be over bearing The main char John definitely had no conscience view spoiler Develops a method of human cloning that after a few starts and deaths he finally optimize he kidnaps a prostitute impregnates her keeps her sedated the entire pregnancy as she is just a laboratory to grow the clone once it is born he sets it up for adoption to be raised and incinerates the lab He then sets about the next phase of a method of transferring consciousness which 25 years later he finalizes He brings the clone back with no thought as to him having any sort of life and transfers his consciousness The transfer kills the original so John continues on in a body 40 years younger, but at this point he does no further research or sells either the cloning or transference machinery He takes revenges and then plays for the next 12 years He starts the cloning process over again but this time he is not careful about the lab he kidnaps and this is what gets...

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    I received an ARC signed by the author in a Goodreads giveaway, thank you All thoughts are my own This is a sci fi novel set in the future The first paragraph of the book lists all of John Numen s degrees and accomplishments that show how absolutely brilliant he is The second paragraph grabbed me I don t know how many people you have to murder to qualify as a serial killer, but if my plans go as I hope, I will meet that number sooner or later I consider it collateral damage for the advancements in science I have made Tonight, I hope to justify the sacrifices I have already made and reach the apex of all my work Oooooo, an evil mastermind scientist book I found myself lulled into really liking this character and then boom I realize that I ve forgotten what he told me in the second paragra...

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    I won this book during a giveaway and I m so glad because it s not something I would normally read This one is highly recommended It was confusing at first because the story jumps back and forth between the main character s point of view through future journal entries and then the story told through a third person It s very f...

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    Most stories about cloning center on using human clones for spare body parts This sci fi tale follows one man s journey to find his immortality through cloning The cloning experiments and memory transfer system seem to give the main character what he wants, but then the...

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    Set in the near future, Dr John Numen figures out a way to clone a human Of course, this is against the law Dr Numen continues his research anyway He has inherited his father s company and is very well off Eventually, he is caught and forc...

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    I cannot say enough good things about this book It was truly a pleasure to read There was a perfect balance of description and dialogue I did not want to put it down I feel that often books are repetitions of the same scenarios, outcomes are predictable, and characters are not inte...

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    This book is a very fast paced thriller Pay attention readers or you will miss the twists and turns Barry

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