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[Ebook] ↠ 29 Seconds Author T.M. Logan –

29 SecondsFrom The Bestselling Author Of LIES Comes SECONDS, A Sensational New Thriller That Explores What Happens When A Split Second Thought Of Revenge Takes On A Life Of Its OwnGive Me One Name One Person And I Will Make Them Disappear Sarah Is A Young Professor Struggling To Prove Herself In A Workplace Controlled By The Charming And Manipulative Alan Hawthorne, A Renowned Scholar And Television Host The Beloved Professor Rakes In Million Dollar Grants For The University Where Sarah Works So His Inappropriate Treatment Of Female Colleagues Behind Closed Doors Has Gone Unchallenged For Years And Sarah Is His Newest TargetWhen Hawthorne S Advances Become Threatening, She S Left With Nowhere To Turn Until The Night She Witnesses An Attempted Kidnapping Of A Young Child On Her Drive Home, And Impulsively Jumps In To Intervene The Child S Father Turns Out To Be A Successful Businessman With Dangerous Connections And Her Act Of Bravery Has Put This Powerful Man In Her Debt He Lives By His Own Brutal Code, And All Debts Must Be Repaid In The Only Way He Knows How The Man Gives Sarah A Burner Phone And An Unbelievable Offer A Once In A Lifetime Deal That Can Make All Her Problems DisappearNo Consequences No Traces No Chance Of Being Found Out All It Takes Is A Second Phone CallBecause Everyone Has A Name To Give Don T They

[Ebook] ↠ 29 Seconds Author T.M. Logan –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • 29 Seconds
  • T.M. Logan
  • English
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9781250182296

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    29 seconds it s not long is it But for Sarah, 29 seconds will have the capacity to change her life for ever, and ultimately her boss s too, much to his detriment.When Sarah saves the life of a little girl, she has no idea that the girl s father is a rich and powerful man who only has to click his fingers to make things happen The father is indebted to Sarah and he makes her an offer the opportunity to make someone disappear He has no scruples when it comes to eliminating obstacles, even if they are human Sarah is given 72 hours to give him a name, after which the offer will no longer apply, but he s insistent that he repay his debt What will Sarah do Sarah s boss is a sexual predator, who constantly puts pressure on her, under threat of losing her job a job that she needs even since her husband walked out leaving her with their two children to look after Life is really difficult without losing her only income too, so the dilemma that she finds herself in is impossible should she give her boss s name, or does she give in to his constant demands just to keep her job Wow This was a thrilling read, it literally called to me whenever I put it down The characters were perfectly at ease in their skins, played their parts to perfection with a deftly constructed narrative The plot itself presents a darker side of life, whilst demonstrating the mundane alongside it The reader is taken on a whirlwind of twists and turns making it a truly tense and compelling read Just brilliant, can t recommend it enough This is the second book that I ve read by T M Logan, and he really is exceptionally good Give this one a try, I don t think you ll be disappointed Thank you to Netgalley, T M Logan, and Bonnier Zaffre for my ARC I have given an honest review in exchange

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    FIVE CRAZY STARSThere were three conditions She had 72 hours to provide a name If she said no, the offer disappeared Forever And if she said, Yes, there was no going back No changing her mind She stated at this stranger, this man she had never met before and never would again after tonight A powerful dangerous man who found himself in her debtIt was strictly a one time deal, a once in a lifetime offer A deal that might change her life A deal that would almost certainly change someone elses.It was a deal with the devil.The rules were quite simple Don t be alone with him if you could possibly avoid it Don t say anything which he might take as encouragement Don t get into a taxi or a lift with him Be extra careful with him when you are away from the office, particularly, at hotels and conferences And most of all, the number one rule that must never, ever, be broken don t do any of the above when he had been drinking He was bad when He was sober, but he was worse much worse when he was drunk.Tonight he was drunk.And Sarah realized, too late, that she was about to break all the rules at once This is one crazy thriller It will blow your mind I am utterly in awe It lived up to all the hype for me This has everything that I love in a thriller I loved everything about this book It definitely will be one of my favorites for this year I was immediately drawn into this story I could not put this down Before you open up this book make sure you have no plans for the day Don t answer the telephone, and don t answer the door, because all you will want to do is to read this book I am serious At least that is how I thought I did not want it to end I raced through this book and read it in two days I could not put this one down I carried it wherever I went because I couldn t put it down.I loved the ending Right when I thought I had figured this one out, a big twist comes along that wasn t expected at all and it left me speechless It was a big surprise This one kept me on the edge of my seat It is not a predictable read and I thought it was mind blowing and AMAZING This one is tied in first place in my favorite shelf for this year Crazy good I loved the character development and I thought it was very well written I can t wait to read his next book and can t wait to read Lies.I received a free ARC of 29 SECONDS by T.M Logan from Macmillan in an exchange for an honest review.PUB DATE 9 10 2019

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    Don t expect to pick up 29 Seconds and be able to just read a couple of chapters because you won t Completely addictive and utterly compelling, I was hooked immediately and knew this was going to be a truly brilliant read I was not disappointed When Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble her act of bravery puts a powerful and dangerous man in her debt He lives by his own brutal code, and all debts must be repaid in the only way he knows how He offers Sarah a way to solve a desperate situation with her intolerable boss A once in a lifetime deal that will make all her problems disappear No consequences No comeback No chance of being found out.All it takes is a 29 second phone call Give me one name One person And I will make them disappear. Because everyone has a name to give..don t they I couldn t begin to imagine being in Sarah s position but I am fully aware of many situations out there involving bosses and the upper echelon that use their power to gain advantage over vulnerable people Sexual predators are evil and I fully sympathised with Sarah, understanding her constant frustration and fear of losing her job.Exciting, thrilling, totally engrossing this fast paced, twisty turny thriller is guaranteed to keep your attention and I absolutely LOVED the ending, my eyes felt like they were holding their breath and didn t want to blink It s only March and 29 Seconds has already secured its place in my top ten for 2018 and I will be recommending this book to everyone I possibly can.T.M.Logan is a new author to me and now discovered he will not pass me by again Such a talented, imaginative writer using realistic situations and combining them with a tremendous storyline to produce a cracking, compelling and irresistible page turner that intoxicates you from the first page Fantastic work 5 well deserved stars I only wish I could award

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    This was a great book but I found the protagonist harder to sympathize with than many readers Not a spoiler because it s on the back cover but she does an accidental favor for a very bad guy who is determined to pay her back He offers to make someone in her life disappear, she takes him up on it and her life goes to hell.You know what That s what happens when you let a guy with ties to the Russian mafia do you a favor and maybe, just maybe, that s what you deserve if you take a hit out on someone, even someone as intolerable as her target And he was a douchebag, big time, I take nothing away from that, at all She went the nuclear route and seemed surprised it didn t go well.It s a taut, well crafted story and I love this author s style so it s still 4 stars because I couldn t put it down and read it in one afternoon.

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    I didn t realize that when I picked up 29 Seconds, it would start with a scene concerning sexual harassment Having just finished The Whisper Network, I felt caught in a loop But this one deals with being offered a way out of the predicament You see, single mom Sarah happens to save a young girl from a kidnapping Not just any young girl, but the daughter of a very bad man Who as a way of saying thank you, offers Sarah the opportunity to make one person disappear from her life She s got 72 hours to decide What a dilemma We would all like to think we re too good to take up an offer like that But I know there are a lot of days I d be popping off a name without thinking twice Hell, there are days when I have my own version of The Mikado s I ve Got a Little List going on in my head This is a fun, nerve wracking read Logan does a great job of keeping the tension ramped up I just wanted to see how it would play out I couldn t read fast enough It definitely took me places I didn t foresee Sarah was a very realistic main character.My thanks to netgalley and St Martin s Press for an advance copy of this book.

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    Dr Sarah Haywood is a young, up and coming academic She s worked hard to build up her reputation as a good teacher and researcher and has some excellent publications, all while caring for her two small children on her own However, her hopes of promotion to a permanent position are dashed when her Head of Department, Professor Alan Hawthorne tells her she will have to remain at the same level on a short term contract for another year and any chance of future promotion will depend on how she treats him As he is a well known sexual predator, Sarah knows exactly what he expects her to do to earn her promotion As Hawthorne puts pressure on Sarah and her situation becomes and difficult, she receives an offer that will make all her worries over her career go away All it would take is one short phone call, but only if she can overcome her ethical dilemma.This is an excellent page turner of a psychological thriller The impossibility of Sarah s position made me feel really stressed for her She can t report Hawthorne to the Dean or to HR because of the old boys network and his celebrity status as a TV star and her niche area of study would make it hard for her move to another University, without starting all over again to establish herself in a new area Hawthorne is a monster of a man who has already ruined other careers and thinks he s untouchable But Sarah is a fighter and she won t give up easily in this game of cat and mouse Great plot, great characters and a killer ending Thanks to Netgalley and St Martin s Press for the opportunity to read a digital ARC of this book

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    3.5 Stick to the Rules StarsProfessor Alan is an outstanding scholar and a gifted researcher, one of the best but he s harassing Sarah They work in the same university but Sarah s contract isn t permanent yet and the only obstacle to her contract is Alan So because of Alan s influence, she can t make a complaint But she did something and her reward is she can provide a name and that person will be disappeared But can she do that Or she thinks about something else But it s her reward so it s her right to choose a name, right This book was really thrilling and I really liked it I liked the writing, the short chapters were in my favor though But the ending was a disappointment I had high expectation for its ending It was my first read by this author but I will try other books by the author because I really liked the writing Anyway, it was a good thrilling read and I hope you enjoy it

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    I got an arc from a publisher for this one and I agreed to be honest in my review Sorry, but if you say honest , you are going to get it.This book was supposed to be a psychological thriller A lady who is being sexually harassed at work gets the chance to have anyone she wants disappear I liked the idea The problem was the heroine, Sarah She had to be the biggest loser ever I hated her enough that I would have liked to disappear her by the end of the thing.Well, almost Except that I can spell vaccinate Still I get the sentiment.Sarah is a loser who whines continuously in her head about how much of a victim she is for 350 pages Between the pages and pages of her pity party, we get exciting moments of her dressing her children and taking them to school, and petty squabbles her kids have You know, the boring monotony of life that we read to get away from.Yeah, this kind of thing But less funny.When she finally 162 pages in does what we knew she would do the whole book, we then get to see her whine about having done it and act like a guilty toddler.convincing.The situation she finds herself in with her boss is unfortunately possibly realistic, so I did feel sympathy for her But, at the same time, I couldn t understand her actions She did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, but waited for someone else to save her She didn t try to record him telling her that she had to have sex with him to keep her job She never considered quitting, telling his wife, or filing charges against him She even met a past victim of her boss and didn t think to get this lady s number so that they could find others and build a case She did, however, consider sleeping with him to keep her job So, basically this book is just being in this pathetic woman s head with her pathetic thoughts If I liked her at all, or could relate to her in any way, I might have enjoyed it But, I didn t Not at all.Now, for the legal crap I received a free ARC of 29 Seconds by T.M Logan from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 stars Damn this was so good I loved the author s debut last year Lies, but this book was definitely better Sarah, recently separated from her husband, is juggling raising two kids and her workload as a university professor A job that she loves, but that one of the men in her department makes exceedingly hard When she rescues a little girl from a kidnapping attempt, a grateful father offers to do a favour for Sarah The offer to remove a person from her life PERMANENTLY The only stipulation she has 72 hours and once she makes the call, the action cannot be undone Oh my gosh, this book frustrated me so much when it came to what Sarah had to face on a daily basis I am glad our protagonist tried to maintain some morals because I don t think I would have had a problem dialling that phone number But I just couldn t put the book down and I felt my heart racing the entire time A good dose of a suspense and a storyline that had me hooked I predict that this book is certainly going to be one of FALL 2019 s most anticipated books Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review Review Date 12 04 19Publication Date 10 09 19

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    29 Seconds by T.M.Logan is a psychological thriller that kept my hooked from the first page to the last I could not put it down and read it in one day, 3am before I finished it Sarah is a hard working mother of two young children Deserted by her husband and trying to cope Her boss is a bully and a sexual predator who makes it clear that if she wants to do well in her career she has to agree to his advances Sarah is then offered a way to get rid of her boss for good but will she agree to this offer Sarah was a great character and I was rooting for her all the way This books has many twist and turns and keeps you guessing about the outcome I have now downloaded the first book from this author and I am looking forward to reading it.I would like to thank NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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