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✅ The Unkindest Tide PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Seanan McGuire –

The Unkindest TideHundreds Of Years Ago, The Selkies Made A Deal With The Sea Witch They Would Have The Sea For As Long As She Allowed It, And When The Time Came, She Would Call In All Their Debts At Once Many People Assumed That Day Would Never Come Those People Were WrongWhen The Luidaeg October Toby Daye S Oldest And Most Dangerous Ally Tells Her The Time Has Come For The Selkies To Fulfill Their Side Of The Bargain, And That Toby Must Be A Part Of The Process, Toby Can T Refuse Literally The Selkies Aren T The Only Ones In Debt To The Luidaeg, And Toby Has To Pay What She Owes Like Anyone Else They Will Travel To The Fabled Duchy Of Ships And Call A Convocation Of The Selkies, Telling Them To Come And Meet The Luidaeg S Priceor Face The ConsequencesOf Course, Nothing Is That Simple When Dianda Lorden S Brother Appears To Arrest Dianda For Treason Against The Undersea, When A Selkie Woman Is Stripped Of Her Skin And Then Murdered, When Everything Is Falling Apart, That S When Toby Will Have To Answer The Real Question Of The HourIs She Going To Sink Or Is She Going To Swim

✅ The Unkindest Tide PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Seanan McGuire –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Unkindest Tide
  • Seanan McGuire
  • English
  • 23 June 2019
  • 9780756415075

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    Review to come upon release

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    Thank you to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group DAW for the opportunity to review this as an eARC in exchange for my open and honest opinion The character October Daye comes to you in this novel from a deeply personal place Unlike other novels in the October Daye series that are typically full of high adventure and blood feuds, in some cases with literal blood, this one speaks to the heart and soul of what makes October, October Who she is That is her love of her family One of the members of her family is the Luidaeg and the Luidaeg has come to finally collect her due This book speaks to the softer, tender, and rawer part of October s personality The part of her that defines what a family is In October s world, and I think I can speak for the world in general, a family is not what is defined by birth or blood but what is defined as who becomes apart of our lives in ways that we can not let go They become a part of who we are They become a part of our bones, our blood, and our cells Our very skin Much like the selkies October is the embodiment of that In some ways, I think Mcguire s writing, in general, is much like that You see examples of that theme in much of her writing The importance of family and how a family is defined in ways than just blood I think it is an important theme to have at the forefront of writing right now with what is going on in the world It is a positive message to spread.Long ago The Luidaeg, The Sea Witch made a deal with The Selkies Some day they had to make a choice, they had to choose whether to live in the sea or live on the land and not all of them would get that choice October would play a part in the choice, and that is all the reader knew up until this book We learned this early on in the series and had been dealt bits and pieces of information up until this point that has created a grand story which is this book All I can say is that Seanan McGuire nailed it The bond of family is held in high esteem Family in its many forms The book wraps up that many questions I had but still kept me guessing what is next Unlike many seasoned series out there that may be getting stale in the narrative, but not this one The narrative is still going strong and in some instances better Pick up the October Daye series She is a strong female character, great uses of magic, great world building, diverse characters, and a world that keeps getting better and better.

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    Well, that s an ominous title o.O

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    I have been waiting to find out what is Toby s role in Luidaeg s bargain with Selkies forever Please give me this book ASAP.

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    Its always a good day when reading a book by Seanan McGuire The Unkindest Tide was simply fantastic Toby bargain with the Ludwig has come due and its going to effect her even personally than she imagined Her a few select friends tag along to the ocean realm where another 1st born comes into play If dealing with the Selkies wasn t enough, there is conflict in the Merrow world, pulling Toby right into their turmoil as well To top it all off, Toby s daughter is now caught in the middle of the all the trouble bubbling to the the boiling point and she must pull out all the stops to save what she holds most dear.I, absolutely, loved it I had to put out the do not disturb signs out around myself This was a read into the wee hours of the morning book for me So, be warned, you may not be able to put this book down once you start If that wasn t icing on the cake then lets top if off with a marvelous novella, Hope is Swift set in the October Day world It takes place at exactly the same time as The Unkindest Tide but focuses on Raj and Cait Sidhe that were left back on shore Another fantastic adventure to devour The book and novella was a win, win for me I received this ARC copy of The Unkindest Tide from Berkley Publishing Group DAW This is my honest and voluntary review The Unkindest Tide is set for publication September 3, 2019.

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    4.5 stars I ve enjoyed every October Daye novel and that s saying quite a lot, as the series is now 13 books long , but while I always find them fun, they don t always make me emotional.The Unkindest Tide, true to its name, left me with watery eyes This story felt personal to me, as I read it while watching my eight month old daughter play happily, and so much of this story is about motherhood The joys, the pain, and the grief of the worst imaginable thing happening to your children.The Luidaeg has become one of my favorite characters in October Daye s world She s strong and terrifying, irreverent and impatient, but also incredibly compassionate She has the emotions of someone who cares deeply, paired with the wisdom and wariness of someone who has lived too long and seen too much I absolutely love her It was a serious treat getting a story centered around her.Additionally, The Unkindest Tide is full of Undersea politics, which were fascinating It has everything I look for in a Toby novel tidbits about the magic, world building, setup for future possibly storylines, Toby s heroism, Tybalt s flowery declarations, and a lot of sass I loved learning about the Undersea, Roane, and Selkies, almost as much as I loved being in Toby s head again.At its heart, The Unkindest Tide is a story of healing It s an incredibly therapeutic read, with plenty of adventure and unexpected elements and it s a reminder to us all that Seanan McGuire is REALLY fucking smart.If you haven t picked up the October Daye series, go out and get Rosemary and Rue RIGHT NOW Or wait just a bit until this October heh , when Rosemary and Rue is getting a hardcover re release You have so many amazing adventures ahead of you, and I envy you If you re partway through the series, read on It gets SO good Now shhhh, I ll be off reading the extra novella included in the ARC that I assume is also in the hardcover I would normally read the entire ARC cover to cover before writing my review, but I just couldn t wait If I have anything to add after reading it, I ll edit my review.Thank you Daw Books for sending me an advanced copy of The Unkindest Tide in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzI ve enjoyed October Daye books before Seanan McGuire became a big name due to her Wayward Children series She s a prolific writer even if I don t always enjoy her plots which is her weakest story element So when I learned we re getting book 13 in the series, AND its about the Luidaeg s deal with the Selkies I knew I had to check in with her fae series.I really love this cover and feel like it goes so well with the major setting of The Unkindest Tide the Duchy of Ships It also made a gorgeous Instagram photo and the title sent shivers down my back It s such an ominous title and I was expecting some epic morally grey plotThe PremiseThe Selkies, humans that can shift and have an affinity to the water due to a magical pelt, have some dark history with the Luidaeg, THE sea witch who verges on a god In previous volumes we ve learned of that history and the atrocities that lead to them owing the sea witch big time In The Unkindest Tide the Luidaeg calls in the debts owed her by Toby, to do what only she can do Work with blood In reality this premise tells us very little Because basically all there is to happen is for Toby to travel to where the Selkies are gathered, the Selkies to decide who will be holding the pelts and for Toby to do the deed It doesn t make for very compelling plot if something doesn t interfere Potentially Mild Spoilers ahead And you know nothing much does happen We get a ton like 30% worth of recap of history from previous books to start Very little of the current plot is in there We do get a really compelling new location in faeire The Duchy of Ships which I adored But the few distractions are very uncreative We get another rescue that smacks of the same plot in book 5 of the series but really condensed It doesn t really add anything that we didn t experience previously And there is a murder thrown in because that s what s in October Daye books that Toby doesn t even investigate much but just suddenly realizes who and why the murder was committed Toby s daughter in a previous book is saved by a Selkie pelt so she comes to provide needless drama And nothing is resolved I wish she d just get over herself.We do experience two things that may make The Unkindest Tide worth reading to you We get to meet one of the Luidaeg s siblings Who is really neat and just as scary cool as the Luidaeg They neatly tie up the arrest in what could be considered a satisfying way And Toby comes up with a neat idea so that both the Luidaeg and the Selkies will be satisfied with fulfilling their obligations due to their past atrocities My ExperienceHaving just read the first two books in the Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells I had an epiphany about the October Daye series I think Toby s adventures would have made great novellas in a similar vein In fact her Wayward Children series has the same shortened page numbers and tight story lines It s no mistake that a book with less room for plot is the series that made Seanan McGuire so popular.Alas this is all in hindsight as the October Daye series is one that s been around since 2009 You have to admire a series that has lingered for 10 years And I do It s a series rich in back history that is always changing its world to accommodate different villains and developing relationships I just wish that The Unkindest Tide had done the same For me this would have made a better novella And I would have paid to get rid of all the filler.I can t say I enjoyed The Unkindest Tide The strengths of the October Daye series have always been an incredible fae world and some really compelling characters These strengths return in The Unkindest Tide but the journey they go on is decidedly underwhelming I could have skipped this and not have missed anything as I m sure the Selkies fate will be recapped in the next book Authenticity Writing Style Plot Pacing World BuildingA Cover Title grade Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinions.______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    Were it not for the Gilly moments, I would have liked the story Hopefully, that s the end of Toby s nightmare

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    Review will be posted closer to release date.

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