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[Ebook] Passion on Park Avenue By Lauren Layne –

Passion on Park AvenuePDF Epub Passion On Park Avenue Author Lauren Layne From The Author Of The New York Times Bestselling Stiletto And Oxford Series, The First In A Sizzling New Series Following The Unlikely Friendship Of Three Upper East Side Women As They Struggle To Achieve Their Dreams And Find True Love And Happiness In The City That Never Sleeps For As Long As She Can Remember, Bronx Born Naomi Powell Has Had One Goal To Prove Her Worth Among The Upper East Side Elite The Same People For Which Her Mom Worked As A Housekeeper Now, As The Strongminded, Sassy CEO Of One Of The Biggest Jewelry Empires In The Country, Naomi Finally Has Exactly What She Wants But It S Going To Take Than Just The Right Address To Make Manhattan S Upper Class Stop Treating Her Like An Outsider.The Worst Offender Is Her New Neighbor, Oliver Cunningham The Grown Son Of The Very Family Naomi S Mother Used To Work For Oliver Used To Torment Naomi When They Were Children, And As A Ridiculously Attractive Adult, He S Tormenting Her In Entirely Different Ways Now They Find Themselves Engaged In A Battle Of Wills That Will Either Consume Or Destroy Them Filled With Charm And Heart And Plenty Of Sex And Snark, This Entertaining Series Will Hook You From The Very First Page.

[Ebook] Passion on Park Avenue By Lauren Layne –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Passion on Park Avenue
  • Lauren Layne
  • English
  • 14 December 2017
  • 9781501191572

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    A sweet romance filled with that angst between two characters in which both have a common past that must be dealt with or their future is at stakes of being together Let me start off by saying that I have not read a Lauren Layne novel in such a long time And to have this beauty in my hands was just so a blessing yet a risk I was willing to take The reason being is the last book I read from Lauren s was not actually my cup of tea so I was very hesitant to dive into this one The risk was for sure good to take because I loved everything about this novel and much Romance novels to me have always been about the chemistry, passion, and connection there is between the characters, There was no exception when it came down to this beauty, because Lauren has created this new world of potential and charisma This first installment in the Central Park Pact series is the best, and fresh cup of tea one must take when being involved and introduced to this new compelling series In this first installment, we are introduced to Naomi and Oliver, known from each other s childhoods, they both see each other once again in the future once they are both successful as adults Naomi is this accessory s CEO, a founder of her own company, while Oliver is an architect In my opinion, Naomi is this bad ass woman who needs no one to conquer the world It is indeed refreshing to read about a character who has legitimately started from the bottom and has made it all the w...

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    Naomi and Oliver are beyond exhausting Imma need two ibuprofen and a cold compress DNF 60%

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    FOUR STARS Netgalley ARC If the kiss on Saturday had been the promise, this was the delivery The sort of kiss that ruined a girl for all other kisses in the future.I ve been a fan of Lauren Layne s writing for several years now I haven t always loved every story she s written, but the ratio of her books that I love definitely outweigh the ones that I did not PASSION ON PARK AVENUE went at a very slow pace for almost the first half of the book I was worried that this was going to go on the shelf of books that I just couldn t connect with but, I do love this author, so I stuck it out Thankfully, the pace started to pick up during the second half of the book and I really did enjoy the story This is an enemies to lovers story that began when the Hero and Heroine were just young children So many years have gone by since they last saw each other but it seems that one of them wasn t able to move on from the past.At the heart of the Central Park Pact series is the friendship that develops between three women who find out at the funeral of the man they each were involved with that, he was a lying womanizer Instead of tearing each other down, they form a bond and make a pact to help to steer each other away from the bad boys.Our first Heroine to find love is Naomi Powell, a self made billionaire She, unlike her two new friends, came from impo...

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    Thanks to Gallery Books for the early review copy This book was kind of my breaking point in wishing that romance books came with ratings because I was expecting angst and steamy scenes in this but there s only one fade to black scene So from now on, I m rating romance books in my reviews, and this is definitely rated G I enjoyed this book mainly because it was written better than a lot of romance books I ve been reading The writing was actually very nice and I never found myself caught up with cheesy dialogue or wishing something had been explained better it was consistently pleasant, which isn t to say it was amazing, but it never hindered my reading experience I also loved the premise of this book and the main character Following the POV of a CEO and hearing her story of being a badass and a self starter, especially in a male dominated business world of NYC I loved Naomi immediately Her backstory set up an actually compelling story behind the enemies to lovers element of the plot that I found believable and also justifiable for her to have held a grudge all those years and still consider him trash.But though the things I enjoyed about this book were plenty, other things I wasn t so much a fan of Firstly, the pacing of this book just didn t capture me, and I think it s a me thing and not anything the book itself did see ther...

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    3.5 STARS Since the day he d met her, she d gotten under his skin, pissed him off, confused the hell out of him, and he was damn grateful for it Naomi Powell had brought him back to life The premise to this series is absolutely three women realize they ve been sleeping with the same man at his funeral, not realizing he s been married the entire time There s two unknowing mistresses and the wife, who form a fascinating bond when they accidentally meet each other I loved seeing these women not at each other s throats and being catty, but rather putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of the lying and cheating man, where it rightfully belongs But I digressPassion on Park Avenue introduces us to mistress number one, Naomi Once a girl on the wrong side of the tracks and the poor daughter of a maid that cleaned apartments on Park Avenue Now Naomi is a strong and fiery successful business owner that can afford any apartment she wants But then a peculiar happenstance lands her on the waiting list for an apartment in the exact building where...

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    I usually don t go for romance books that look like, well, this Contemporary romance isn t my thing, but even if it was, rich white lady problems don t really interest me However, Passion on Park Avenue turned out to be a bit better than I was expecting I didn t like the cheesy set up in the first few chapters, but it got better as it went along I liked Naomi s shifting viewpoints on Oliver and his dad, and I loved the sexual tension, but I think she kept her secret for way, WAY too long I also thought that there were some issues that were dropped and left unresolved, ...

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    Cute and fun with a touch of angst Interesting premise and good use of the enemies to lovers trope I liked Layne s 21 Wall Street Series better, but this was still a quick, easy read that had you turning pages and escaping for a few hours I felt that Naomi s grudge was a little overblown they were children when it happened, and I think blamin...

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    Passion on Park Avenue is a fun, breezy romance about Naomi moving into the fancy apartment building she had once lived in during her youth and coming face to face with her childhood nemesis Oliver He had tormented her when they were both children, but has now grown into a gorgeous, kind man.The main conflict of this story is Naomi s grudge against Oliver for his younger transgressions and her wanting to show him that she s finally made it Sure, Naomi s grudge is overblown and silly, and she comes across as rather petty for having held onto it for so long But overlooking that, this book hits all the right notes as a lighthearted summer read.This first book also introduces us to Naomi s friend...

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    Passion on Park Avenue was fun and flirty I absolutely adored the characters and I loved that this book had one of my favorite tropes ever, love to hate It had a Sex and the City vibe and the way the story unfolded made it feel like a movie was playing in my head With laugh out loud humor and moments that kept me smiling, this book was so easy to devour So if you adore cute romance stories that also hold an emotional edge, definitely add this one to your tbr She gave him an icy glare and turned away, but he grabbed her arm, a little surprised by his own action Still, he didn t let her go I m not a bad guy, Naomi Naomi remained stubbornly silent before letting her gaze drop deliberately to where he held her arm From the moment we met Naomi Powell, I liked her She was a hard worker and created her billion dollar business all by herself She was kind yet she was jaded from her past She always wanted to prove her worth to the Upper East Side So when she ended up getting an apartment with her dream address, her goal seemed within her grasp Except her neighbor was the son from the family her mother use to wo...

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    I ve read quite a few LL books and she never disappoints I love her style of writing, her use of humor and snark and her ability to create fun, relatable characters that you like instantly This is the first in a new series following a group of new friends living in NYC and I m so excited to see where things are headed next.From the first chapter I was hooked, Naomi meets two new potential friends in the most bizarre way, think the opposite of a romantic meet cute, except it is kind of cute Anyway, it was a solid way to reel me in and get me invested in these women and their lives and their friendship may have been unlikely but it feels fun and genuine On the romance side of things is the good old enemies to lovers trope, why do I love this tried and true storyline so much I think it s because if it s executed well there s always amazing chemistry and witty banter and LL has that down pat Oliver was exactly the kind of leading man that I like, charming and smart, a little reserved but you just know there s to him than meets the eye.I got serious Christi...

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