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[EPUB] ✼ The Parisians ✿ Marius Gabriel –

The Parisians Paris, 1940 The Nazis Have Occupied The City And The Ritz The Opulent Old Hotel, So Loved By Parisians, Is Now Full Of Swaggering Officers, Their Minions And Their Mistresses.For American Olivia Olsen, Working As A Chambermaid At The Hotel Means Denying Her Nationality And Living A Lie, Every Day Bringing The Danger Of Discovery Closer When Hitler S Right Hand Man Moves In And Makes Her His Pet, She Sees An Opportunity To Help The Resistance And Draw Closer To Jack, Her Contact, Whose Brusque Instructions May Be A Shield For Something Within The Hotel, Famed Designer Coco Chanel Quickly Learns That The New Regime Could Work To Her Benefit, While Arletty, One Of France S Best Loved Actresses, Shocks Those Around Her And Herself With A Forbidden Love.But As The War Reaches Its Terrible End, All Three Women Learn The True Price Of Their Proximity To The Enemy For In The Shadow Of War, Is Anyone Truly Safe

[EPUB] ✼ The Parisians  ✿ Marius Gabriel –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Parisians
  • Marius Gabriel
  • 11 January 2018
  • 9781503905047

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    An interesting look at Paris during World War 2, concentrating on the guests and staff at the plush Ritz hotel It has a mixture of real and fictional characters, including icons such as fashion designer Coco Chanel and French actress Arletty We also follow the life of fictional character Olivia Olsen, an American chambermaid at the Ritz, hiding her identity behind a Swedish passport We explore their stories during the Nazi occupation, and the ways each individual handles the oppressive regime As the Nazi s take over one wing of the famed hotel we find our ladies risking their lives as the war drags on and on.I did enjoy this book, and some of the characters are memorable, but not really fleshed out too much This is a very believable tale, we get the lowdown how the Nazi s treated those in ...

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    EXCERPT the eve of war had come as a shock It was here suddenly, the thing they had all dreaded but not wished to look at, like the monster that lurked under the beds of children Now, with terrifying purpose, it had clambered out and proved itself real after all ABOUT THIS BOOK Paris, 1940 The Nazis have occupied the city and the Ritz The opulent old hotel, so loved by Parisians, is now full of swaggering officers, their minions and their mistresses.For American Olivia Olsen, working as a chambermaid at the hotel means denying her nationality and living a lie, every day bringing the danger of discovery closer When Hitler s right hand man moves in and makes her his pet, she sees an opportunity to help the Resistance and draw closer to Jack, her contact, whose brusque instructions may be a shield for something Within the hotel, famed designer Coco Chanel quickly learns that the new regime could work to her benefit, while Arletty, one of France s best loved actresses, shocks those around her and herself with a forbidden love.But as the war reaches its terrible end, all three women learn the true price of their proximity to the enemy For in the shadow of war,...

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    3 5 stars Thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an e ARC in exchange for an honest review Readers choose books for all sorts of reasons and I am no exception I chose this book specifically for its title because Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world I may have mentioned this in other reviews, but I cried the very first time I saw that city and if the Eiffel Tower had been a person, well it most likely asked me to stop taking pictures of it The fact that it was also surrounding the WWII era was a plus Juggling characters can be difficult, in the case of The Parisians, we have three very interesting characters a chambermaid, a French actress, and Coco Chanel and one intriguing setting the Ritz hotel Since this was the main place of entertainment and rest for the main players in the Nazi regime, our plot is driven by plenty of wartime intrigue While young Swedish American Olivia is driven to spy on Herman Goering after her lo...

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    It is 1940 and Paris the Ritz have been occupied by the Nazis Most of the story revolves in the Ritz where we find 3 women, both fictional and real, who use this invasion for either their benefit or to extract revenge Olivia Olsen, is an aspiring artist turned chambermaid at the Ritz who becomes a favourite of Adolf Hitler s right hand man and uses this as an opportunity to help the Resistance and in the process avenge the death of her fiancee.Coco Chanel is a world famous designer who sees at the onset that this regime can work to her benefit and doesn t waste time and effort to use them to get what she wants.Arletty, France s darling and best loved actresses of the time, shocks herself and the sentiments of all French people when she decides to get into an ill fated affair with a German Luftwaffe officer Hans Jurgen Soehring.What I really liked about this book was how the author managed to bring together both fictional and real characters into the story, at times intersecting their story lines to give a perspective outlook on this grim period of history and what people were willing to do to survive it.Also, at the end of the book, the author gives us a short update on all the real...

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    Got this from NetGalley, which is sometimes as much a crapshoot as First Reads But I was surprised this time and delighted a good, gritty, urbane, accurate, practical, frightening, realistic, and generally pitch perfect novel of a little slice of Paris during the war And no smarmy, over the top, twee, treacly Romance anywhere.Review to follow.Oh, if anyone read that horrible gossipy, inaccurate, and poorly written National Enq...

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    The Parisians was a solid account of how WW2 impacted Paris and the role of The Ritz hotel The story focuses on the lives of 3 women whose paths intersect throughout the war at The Ritz The author includes historical characters including a famous French actress named Arletty and the infamous Coco Channel At the heart of the story is a young American artist named Olivia Olsen who clings to her Swiss roots and pretends to be from Switzerland Olivia gets a job as a chambermaid at The Ritz and is privy to many of the Nazi s secret plans as she cleans rooms Her role in the resistance is highlighted Arletty falls for an SS officer and her budding romance is scorned by French Patriots Coco is mostly depicted during the first part of the story as she immerses herself with the Nazis I enjoyed Arletty s story and Olivia s story picked up during the second half of the book I wasn t very interested in Coco s role and found myself quite detached when the plot focused on her In all, the story was interesting although there was nothing about the war that I didn t already know So if you tend to read a lot of books with a ww2 backdrop, you...

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    I will say this about this book, thank God for Coco Chanel and Arletty Those two women made the book worthwhile reading I found the beginning of the book very hard to get into thanks to Olivia Olsen, this young artist who has come to Paris to paint She s just the kind of character I have a problem with, a young naive thing that on the very first pages of the book meets a young anarchist that will take her by storm I was not amused, I found Olivia to be boring to be very frank However, I kept on reading because as I wrote before there were two bright spots in this book Coco Chanel and the French actress Arletty Personally, I wouldn t have minded that Olivia had been cut out of the picture and the book had been just about Coco Chanel and Arletty Although I have to admit Olivia role become interesting after the Germans occupied France and she started to help the Resistance.At first, I gave the book 4 stars, but after some considerations did I lover the rating to 3 stars And, that s because I ve read two books previously by Marius Gabriel that I really enjoyed, The Ocean Liner and The Designer The Parisians can t really measure up to them It s just not as interesting, unfortunately Still, there are some really good parts in the book, well everything concerning Coco Chanel and Arletty I felt that Olivia personality was truly bland and I felt it the most when she interacted with them She grew a bit better towards ...

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    I very much enjoyed this trip to WW2 where real and fictional characters do a cross over in a plush hotel in Paris From Coco Chanel to famed French actress Arletty, not to mention a bunch of other well drawn fictional characters, all are faced with the invasion of the Nazis and all yearn to survive the best possible way This of course is far from being simple, especially for the central heroine who longs to save her boyfriend who is at the hands of the Gestapo One thing s for sure, though, simple or not, their many problems do make for a fine read The narrative, as the plot and subplots, is solid, and I found myself totally invested in the denouement of these complicated but oh so fascinating people Marius Gabriel has a knack for r...

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    If you re looking for an effortless read that juxtaposes the lifestyles of rich Nazi sympathizers and struggling Resistance workers in Paris during World War II, you ll enjoy this It really made my commute zip along If, however, you like your books with some depth and writing that rises above the workmanlike, this will disappoint The characters never blossomed into three dimensional Their motivations seemed pat and superficial For instance, did Arletty, one of the biggest French film stars of the time, really plunge so deeply in love with a Nazi officer that she didn t give than a passi...

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    I have read a lot of WWII novels and one of the things I liked about this one is the mix of fictional characters and historical persons The Parisians has three POV characters Olivia Olsen is a young painter from the Midwest who moves to Paris in around 1939 to paint Olivia is the main character and we follow her through the war as she begins to work at the Ritz and then becomes a spy for the Resistance against Goering The other two characters are Coco Chanel and Arletty Now I had heard of Chanel before but did not know anything about her past Makes me happy I don t own anything Chanel But I had never heard of Arletty The nice contrast of the two historical characters is that they are women who were collaborators during the war and were actually tried after the war for their relationships with German Officers All of the Germans were real people, including Heike who is based on a real woman named Violetle Morris This is a novel that...

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