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[ KINDLE ] ❆ The Printed Letter Bookshop Author Katherine Reay –

The Printed Letter Bookshop Download The Printed Letter Bookshop Author Katherine Reay Love, Friendship, And Family Find A Home At The Printed Letter BookshopOne Of Madeline Cullen S Happiest Childhood Memories Is Of Working With Her Aunt Maddie In The Quaint And Cozy Printed Letter Bookshop But By The Time Madeline Inherits The Shop Nearly Twenty Years Later, Family Troubles And Her Own Bitter Losses Have Hardened Madeline S Heart Toward Her Once Treasured Aunt And The Now Struggling Bookshop Left In Her Care.While Madeline Intends To Sell The Shop As Quickly As Possible, The Printed Letter S Two Employees Have Other Ideas Reeling From A Recent Divorce, Janet Finds Sanctuary Within The Books And Within The Decadent Window Displays She Creates Claire, Though Quieter Than The Acerbic Janet, Feels Equally Drawn To The Daily Rhythms Of The Shop And Its Loyal Clientele, Finding A Renewed Purpose Within Its Walls When Madeline S Professional Life Takes An Unexpected Turn, And When A Handsome Gardener Upends All Her Preconceived Notions, She Questions Her Plans And Her Heart She Begins To Envision A New Path For Herself And For Her Aunt S Beloved Shop Provided The Women S Best Combined Efforts Are Not Too Little, Too Late.The Printed Letter Bookshop Is A Captivating Story Of Good Books, A Testament To The Beauty Of New Beginnings, And A Sweet Reminder Of The Power Of Friendship.

[ KINDLE ] ❆ The Printed Letter Bookshop  Author Katherine Reay –
  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • The Printed Letter Bookshop
  • Katherine Reay
  • English
  • 05 July 2017
  • 9780785222002

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    4.5 stars it often isn t the events that haunt us, though those hold power and can harm us, it is the choices we make within those events we carry all our days Madeline Cullen s aunt Maddie was the owner of the Printed Letter Bookshop in Winsome, a small town outside of Chicago One of Madeline s fondest memories was spending a few weeks working with her aunt and uncle in the quaint, beloved store, until a family incident caused a seemingly irreversible rift.Almost 20 years later, Madeline is shocked to learn that her aunt left her the store, her house, and all of her possessions Even of a surprise, however, is that the store is in serious debt while her aunt was fantastic to her customers, she wasn t much of a businesswoman When Madeline leaves her prestigious law firm, she makes the decision to try and get the store back on a solid financial footing to make it attractive for purchase That s what books do, Maddie used to say they are a conversation, and introduce us to ourselves and to others Madeline isn t counting on the fierce loyalty of the store s two employees, Janet and Claire Both are dealing with issues of their own, not t...

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    My first book from Katherine Reay, and I was endeared to it immediately Madeline grew up in a bookshop working with her Aunt Maddie Twenty years later, the shop is hers But Madeline is a different person who s been through some significant losses The Printed Letter Bookshop is a shadow of what it once was, and that just makes things worse Madeline is considering selling the workshop Her employees, Janet and Claire, don t think that s a good idea They have too much to lose because the bookshop has meant stability and healing for each of them Things start looking up for Madeline professionally and romantically, and she quickly reconsiders selling the store The Printed Letter Bookshop is a charming and cozy read The characters are complex and dynamic I loved observing the antics between Madeline and her employees Best of all It s a book about books The bookshop setting had me fully invested as di...

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    An endearing story about friendship and forgiveness that will leave you with a lengthy list of books to read Narrated by three different women Madeline, Janet, and Claire, Katherine Reay creates a story and a setting that when I was finished, I found myself saddened to say goodbye to these characters Each woman is hurting from past mistakes, but armed with book lists written by a dearly departed friend and the strength of...

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    I loved this book so, so, so muchand on the one hand, that doesn t surprise me at all, because I ve loved all of Katherine Reay s books But on the other hand, I was surprised at how personally touching this story wasit could not possibly have landed in my life at a better time I finished it weeks ago and I m still thinking about it It s Katherine Reay, so of course the writing is lovely I adored the bookshop setting and I especially loved the relationships formed between the three main characters three women with their own hurts and haunts and hopes Janet was honestly the most surprising to meshe s prickly and hard, but she ended up tugging my heart so strongly Claire s story is one, I think, that many, many women will re...

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    The Printed Letter Bookshop is the type of independent bookshop we all wish we had in our neighborhood Located in a little town outside Chicago on Lake Michigan, it s not just full of wonderful books of all genres, but holds lots of author events and has friendly staff who can help you find that perfect book for yourself or someone else A bookshop that really celebrates the art of reading.When the owner of the bookshop, Maddie Cullen dies, the whole town grieves her passing None so than her two friends and employees Janet and Claire who are worried about what will become of them and the bookshop if the new owner, Maddie s estranged niece, Madeline, decides to sell it Madeline is a corporate lawyer working for a big Chicago law company who certainly doesn t have time to run a bookshop, but the shop has been running at a loss while Maddie was sick and will need to get back in the black before it goes on the market so Maddie is forced to become involved in the running of ...

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    Rating 4 bookish stars The Printed Letter Bookshop was an endearing bit of Chick Lit, or Women s Fiction that for some reason I just couldn t put down I read most of it in a single day I got pulled into the story and couldn t drag myself away I loved the bookshop setting and all the book references At the end of the book, the author provided a list of the books from which quotes were used throughout her story I appreciate that the list was provided I was delighted to see how many of the quotes I recognized That kind of book trivia just makes me happy.Katherine Reay has written a well balanced book about family be it birth family, or family of choice The story s main stage is the Printed Letter Bookshop It s a cozy small town bookshop that widowed Aunt Maddie cherished, and lovingly struggled kept open with help from two of her family of choice family members, Janet and Claire Janet is divorced, unhappy, snippy and brilliantly artistic with the window book displays Claire is fairly new to town, quiet, and behind the scenes is valiantly trying to keep the bookshop afloat while caring for her teenaged kids and oft absent husband When Aunt Ma...

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    My first book of 2019 was a winner I throughly enjoyed Janet, Claire and Madeline s stories I was deeply touched by these characters and their relationships I hated for this book to end Katherine Reay did a beautiful job with this novel I won an Advance Reader s Copy All opinions are my own.

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    As a self proclaimed book lover, I am stating the obvious when I say I love books, but what I like even is reading books about books and bookshops The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay is delightful story about books and a bookshop also encompassing hope, friendship, forgiveness and second chances It s about finding joy in things we love, letting go of the past and embracing life s uncertainty.At the heart of the story is a quaint small town independent bookshop The Printed Letter, that Madeline Cullen inherits from her aunt A successful Chicago lawyer and about to be made partner at her current firm, Madeline does not have the time or inclination to continue running the barely thriving bookshop In fact, the inheritance came as a shock to her Almost two decades back, after an unfortunate turn of events strained her dad s relationship with his sister, Madeline cut off ties too with her once beloved aunt But then why was her dad so full of regret at her aunt s funeral Did she make a mistake without knowing the whole story How will she find out what actually happened all those years ago, when no one wants to talk about it While Madeline is struggling with her thoughts about her aunt and the bookshop, several miles away across town, two women, Janet and Claire are also wondering about The Printed ...

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    Charming.Katherine Reay continues a literary theme in The Printed Letter Bookshop although in a slightly different way from her prior novels There is a cozy feel about reading the pages despite the very difficult realities covered.Three women struggling with different aspects of life find solidarity, fulfillment and guidance in a small town bookshop I adored all three women and loved the chemistry between them.Simply delightfu...

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    Okay, so this is about three women and a bookshophow much better does it get Oh, did I say troubled bookshop and troubled ladies Yep This is a slow unfolding of everything that s going on, and plenty of small town intrigue going on as well Broken relationships, troubled kids, and so on Can working together around the books, trying to save the bookstore, do anything to turn these women s lives around This one s of a literary fiction than her previous ones have been, and the faith message is very subtle, but present true peace is only found in God, not in an affair or in a bottle of wine General market readers would probably hardly even notice it.I will say a word of caution about the books quoted Unlike Dear Mr Knightley, which was the reason I discovered a few clean authors notably Anne Perry s mysteries , this book is about a bookstore and there are many, many books mentioned and or discussed Some are clean and some aren...

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