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Best Download [ I Wish You All The Best] Author [ Mason Deaver ] –

I Wish You All The Best Jeffrey West at Scholastic has acquired Mason Deaver s debut YA novel, I Wish You All the Best, about a non binary teen who is kicked out by their parents after coming out, but learns that sometimes from disaster one can build a happier new life Publication is set for 2019 Lauren Abramo at Dystel, Goderich Bourret negotiated the deal for North American rights. Free Download I Wish You All The Best author Mason Deaver For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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    I am finally going to be able to read Mason s book CAN YOU BELIEVE

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    Well I wrote this book, so my review is probably biased Either way this is the book of my heart, I never thought people would believe in this story, but I ve never been happier to be so, so, so wrong This book may be the closest I get to writing myself It deals with anxiety...

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    I ve read this book twice already and I can say with great confidence that I ll be rereading it many times in the future It is THAT good.

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    I read this one twice already and i can tell y all it s a game changer.Get on it

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    sounds a lot like a diamond in the sky also my heart shattering in the best possible waycan t wait

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    this is the first book ever that i ve felt FULLY represented by sexuality, gender, and mental illness wise and it means the entire world to me ben de backer is in my top three favourite main characters of aLl time they mean so much to me, a genderfluid person who is very much not cisgender also i VERY MUCH headcanon ben as having ptsd like me because my child is very very fucked up by events that happen early on in the novel that idk if i can share yet oops i ha...

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    I have had the honor of reading this book not once, but twice Let me just tell you, this is one of the greatest pieces of art I have ever consumed and everyone, EVERYONE, needs to put it on their TBR I ll write a proper review closer to when it com...

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    I ve been seeing my friends hype this up ever since I joined book twitter Can t wait to finally read it

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