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Free ↠ This Is How You Lose the Time War By Amal El-Mohtar –

This Is How You Lose the Time WarDownload This Is How You Lose The Time War Author Amal El Mohtar Among The Ashes Of A Dying World, An Agent Of The Commandant Finds A Letter It Reads Burn Before Reading.And Thus Begins An Unlikely Correspondence Between Two Rival Agents Hellbent On Securing The Best Possible Future For Their Warring Factions Now, What Began As A Taunt, A Battlefield Boast, Grows Into Something.Except Discovery Of Their Bond Would Be Death For Each Of Them There S Still A War Going On, After All And Someone Has To Win That War That S How War Works Right

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    Damn excellent SF novella I won t have any problems nominating this for next year s Hugo It s poetical, yo Not only poetical, but delighfully unforced in its romance even as the time war rages between heavy tech and heavy biopunk up and down multiple timelines in a game of Go that stretches to near infinity.Wait Did I say romance Yep Hard SF romance, so light and deft in its hardcore science it becomes a whirlwind of ambiance designed only to paint glorious pictures and denude us in playful taste, hunger, and excitement.The novella is mostly written in epistolary format, which I love, and it evokes so much crazy longing between these two enemies that it is pretty obvious that they have completely fallen for each other by the third exchange Even if they re plotting their opposite s death by strange and subtle threads and means up and do...

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    4.5 stars This Is How You Lose the Time War is a novella about a love that transcends time, space and humanity It s beautiful and lyrical and heartbreaking it s all of these things and I loved its ending so much that I don t feel like I can do this story justice with a review Just know that, while this is an epistolary f f enemies to lovers story set during a time travel war, calling it that feels almost reductive.It follows two entities, Red and Blue , both presenting as women but who don t strictly adhere to our definition of what a human is, and there s a time war If you re the kind of person who needs to know the reasons and the workings of everything, this won t work for you it s often vague, but as I didn t feel like much context was needed, I didn t have a problem with that.The writing in here will be polarizing At times, I hated it it was pretentious, and it made me feel like the authors were trying to show off how many pretty sentences they were able to string together without saying that much at all But in other places it was beautiful and powerful, and the foreshadowing was woven into this story effortlessly which only makes sense in something about braiding time.And you know what else makes sense That a story about Red and Blue writing to each other would be 90% Purple prose.In one of my updates, I said that I wondered whether this started out as a short story If you ve ever read some short fiction on online magazines, you probably recognize t...

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    i wish i liked it but it s a little too poetic for me i guess im not into this type of prose much

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    I ll tell you right upfront, this book is not for everyone Hard sci fi readers may be disappointed because even though this book is dependant on time travel, it is about love and told very poetically The story begins at the end of a battle Our two main characters are the top agents for each side Red from the technology enhanced future versus Blue from the environmental future these descriptions are subject to my own interpretation as the truth was slightly vague in the story.A message is left by one for the other It seems to start as a taunt but the messages continue and as they do, things change between Red and Blue From a sci fi standpoint, I was fascinated by the strange futures Red and Blue were from although both were described very sparingly From a romance standpoint, I thought it was very well done I don t usually like romance as they are rushed, sloppy and all about the sex None of those things apply here.From a time travel standpoint, it reminded me of The End of Eternity with the ability to go to specific points in time to tweak things in a c...

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    A time travel romance with teeth sharp enough to tear out your still beating heart.

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    first attracted to this because my dr who ass saw the words Time War and fucking gravitated to it like a moth to a flameand i thought it was some sort of literary metaphor but NOPE there s ACTUAL TIME TRAVEL and also SAPPHIC WOMEN in it, and i think an enemies to lovers trope literally y...

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    ARC received from the publisher Saga Press on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Whoa Justwhoa Another candidate for best of 2019 for me It s like someone distilled almost everything I like into one book exquisite prose, a high dose of weirdness, a queer relationship, a literary feel, experimental structure and the end result is breathtaking Brilliant in a way I m not sure a review can illustrate It has to be read to be believed I feel almost invincible in our battles wake a kind of Achilles, fleet footed and light of touch Only in this nonexistent place our letters weave do I feel weak How I love to have no armor here Footnote for fans of the romance genre for the sake of proper expectations, this is a love story but is not romance genre wise if anyone rec d it as such The plot is so simple it s almost not worth describing two rival agents from the opposite sides of the time war start exchanging letters in secret A tale as old as time heh You can probably guess the broad strokes of where it goes from there and you d probably be correct, too But I don t think reducing it like this does it justice Not even close It s two lives circling around each other but never quite touching It s loneliness and longing and finding solace in each other, the war be damned Technology and nature It s heady and strange, a book to be s...

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    Okay So Hmm I loved the love story aspect of it and generally got the gist of what was going on, but there was some big picture world building that either went completely over my head likely or was missing possible Being dumped into the middle of a story that has been going on, off the page, for who knows how long can be disorienting And maybe it was meant to be Or maybe I m just not smart enough for this book Or maybe it was a mis step on the part of the authors Whatever the reason for it, I finished the book feeling like I had missed something, like there was something there that I wasn t getting Whatever it was, it made me feel stupid and, honestly, like the authors were having a laugh at my expense I ve no doubt that the book will be lauded for its cleverness and some well meaning person will try to explain it all to me like I m a four year old and I ll end up feeling even lacking for having not gotten it And I know that not every book is for every reader and I am obviously not the right readerly fit for this particular volume But, if you re going to make me feel stupid, do it on a China Mieville level that makes me want to learn and get smarter and not in a way that feels like I ve just read a two hundred page inside joke that only the cool kids will get.Gods I apparently have feelings about this on...

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    A woman approaches you She s wearing a dark coat She reaches into an inside pocket and holds something out Hey you, she says, look at this You re not entirely sure what you re looking at but it s beautiful Multi faceted like a diamond Intricate like one of those sculptures where the artist makes stone look like lace You try to get a closer look, but she whisks it away and holds out her other hand This one holds something as alien as the first thing, just as beautiful, just as intricate, but wholly different Even as she tells you to look at it she s pulling it away, but there s something new back in her first hand.This is what reading This Is How You Lose The Time War feels like An onslaught of sharp and beautiful things, one after the other, no context and no mercy Neither of the heroes, if heroes is even what you could call them, strike me as the kind of women prone to hand holding, so I guess this makes sense Keep up or drown and I really don t care which, is a sentiment I could see coming from either one of them It s certainly how they feel about each other At first anyway.Every second line of this novella is the kind of startling perfection most other books would hinge their entire selves around The worldbuilding, or...

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