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Ebook ➨ The Cover Series Box Set (Cover, #1-3) Author Kim Black –

The Cover Series Box Set (Cover, #1-3) An Bestselling Erotic Romance Series Emily Roberts Was Done With Men, Choosing To Throw Herself Into Her Career After Her Ex, Adam, Cheatedon Her With One Of Her Best Friends It Didn T Take Long Before Her Decision To Write Off Love Was Tested When JulienBelmont, A French Billionaire, Begins To Take An Interest In Her Love Is Never Simple, And That S Certainly The Case ForEmily, As She Finds Herself In A Whirlwind Of Affairs, Lies, And A Tug Of War Between Her Past And Her Possible Future.Julien Belmont Is Gorgeous And Passionate Plus He Is French That Really Says It All The Commandingbillionaire Finds That His Ever Growing Sexual Appetite Meets Its Match One Night When He Meets Emily One Night With Herchanges Everything He Once Believed In.Just As Quickly As They Found One Another, Everything Falls Apart When Old Flames Return And Their Love Is Tested But All Is Fair In Love And War, And Cutting Old Ties With A Scorned Ex Love Is Never Easy Note This Book Contains Erotic Content And Is Not Suitable For Readers Under The Age Of 18.

Ebook ➨ The Cover Series Box Set (Cover, #1-3)  Author Kim Black –
  • Paperback
  • 428 pages
  • The Cover Series Box Set (Cover, #1-3)
  • Kim Black
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9781505659269

    10 thoughts on “Ebook ➨ The Cover Series Box Set (Cover, #1-3) Author Kim Black –

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    Gosh, I hate giving a book three stars, especially when most reviewers gave it 4 5 stars, but I have to be honest about how I felt about this series When I started reading he first book, I wanted to stop reading after the first chapter The main character, Emily, acted like such a child and wanted to let everyone make decisions for her, which bothered me I just didn t connect with any of the characters in the story, well, besides Emily s friend, Suzie I actually liked her character greatly The story, overall, was a bit over dramatic for my tastes and all the main characters were frustrating because they never knew what they wanted She loves him, but he loves a different girl, but that girl doesn t like him back Ugh Half the time I was like, Make up your minds I wish they all just communicated with each other and the main character didn t run away every time something didn t go according to her plan.One thing that did keep me reading was the suspense I never knew what was going to happen next or who was going to end up with who It was like a soap opera, and I mean that in a good way I did enjoy the second book a lot, it was a 4 stars for me, so I m not saying I didn ...

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    I was blown away by this book.This is a sexy,mysterious read that I couldn t stop reading.A perfect series that you can escape in I read the complete series in 4 day s.Just couldn t wait to continue reading ...

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    FREE on today 3 22 2019 DISCOVERED BOOK 1 Emily Roberts was done with men She believed she was content with focusing on her career After Adam, her ex, cheated on her with not one, but two of her co workers, Emily fled from her former workplace, forgoing her internship, and decided to start anew Though her decision to write off love had held up for over a year, her chastity belt would soon be put to the test when Julien Belmont, a French billionaire, takes an interest in her In one night, she questions everything she believes, and though she is determined he is no different from the rest, she finds herself in a whirlwind of affairs, lies, and a tug of war between old and new men Can she learn to love again, or will she flee from Julien, who she admits is the best lover she s ever had Julien Belmont is a gorgeous, commanding, passionate Frenchman who enjoys his freedom His ever growing sexual hunger means his appetite is never quite quenched At least not until he meets Emily One night with her changes everything he has ever believed Wil...

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    An instant attraction becomes a whirl wind of an affair of lies, secrets, betrayal, love and passion In other words a short lived romance.Julian Emily come from different upbringings.Total opposites Do opposites attract for this couple Well maybe in the bedroom, their sexual encounters are out of this world HOT Erotic, sexy as hella HOT Together they struggle to overcome numerous obstacles thrown their way, fighting the forces who want to separate them.Too many players are in this push pull game..An unwanted love triangle A crazy psychotic woman holding onto illusions An ex ripped away under false circumstances Deceiving friends And true friends.A tragic accident has left Emily confused questioning her life.Revelations are made changing not only Emily s course of life but others as well.Destroyed, humiliated hurt in so many ways, her Julian part ways.Extremely sad an...

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    I loved everything about this series the mysterious, the suspense,the multiple POVs Kim knocked this one out if the ballpark with the way she wrote you couldn t help but get hooked from the first page I read this series in two days and it was so hard to put down when I had things to do Of course Julien is your typical self centered alpha male who doesn t like taking no for an answer and then you have Emily who is in some ways a very strong woman and won t let life get her down but she has some weak moments when it comes to Julien Secondary characters really added to the story especia...

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    I loved the plot for these stories It was very good I really enjoyed the characters as well I would like to see about Adam, Diana, Suzie and Julien s brother I can NOT remember his name right now, my apologies I really genuinely look forward to reading of Kim s work I do think that the series needs some editing for grammar etc At certain times I felt like it was very back and forth and could ve either changed some of the plot to make the main characters Emily and Julien...

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    I was gifted these books in exchange for an honest review These are short books Very quick reads Very fast moving story line I really like a dual perspective book, and these hit the nail on the head I a...

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    This is the first time I have read this author, but I have now found another great author to read This is a great series A series that shows you emotion from all angles from the billionaire Julien that always gets his way, to his fake wife that is fake and full of drama to swee...

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    The series was really good I enjoyed the many POVs and loved Emily and Julien And was ready to pull my hair at at times because of them It was a great series and was HOT

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    lots of sexy scenes, mystery, high emotions, very strong characters, brilliant storyline, definitely a must read

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