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[ Epub ] ➛ The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works Author Robert Greenberg –

The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works In The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works, Great Courses Favorite Professor Robert Greenberg Of San Francisco Performances Returns With An In Depth Exploration Of The Solo Piano Works He Considers To Be Among The Most Exceptional Landmarks In The Literature The 23 Works You Ll Study Represent The Selections Of An Internationally Respected Composer And Music Historian, Carefully Chosen To Highlight The Most Significant Compositional And Pianistic Achievements In The Solo Piano Repertoire.These 24 Engrossing Lectures Guide You Through Than 200 Years Of Music Beginning With The Towering Figure Of Bach, Followed By Mozart And Beethoven, You Encounter The Piano Music Of Such Great 19th Century Masters As Chopin, Schumann, And Liszt, Before Moving Forward To Visionary Modernists Including Scriabin, Debussy, And Prokofiev In Professor Greenberg S Trademark Style, Each Lecture Focuses On A Single Work In A Fresh, Accessible Encounter With The Musical Substance Of The Piece, Welcoming Listeners New To Concert Music As Well As Experienced Concert Music Lovers.In Addition To Your Study Of The Music, The Lectures Expose You To A Rich Panorama Of Music History You Dig Deeply Into The Artistic And Social Environments That The Compositions Reflect, Shedding Light On What Inspired These Great Works And How They Were Created As A Third Key Layer Of The Course, You Delve Into The Extraordinary History Of The Piano Itself, Discovering The Ways In Which The Evolution Of The Instrument Directly Affected The Music That Composers Wrote For It.

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    Dr Greenberg is a very good instructor This was a very enjoyable course and it has caused me to want to play the piano better Not that I can play any of these pieces, but I have been diligent in working on pieces I can learn The selection of the 23 greatest piano works does seem rather subjective, but I am sure it was necessary to select ones that allowed for a great variety from different composers All in all, though, it was great to listen to these great works and to learn some...

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    I thought this was a very interesting trip through both the history of piano music, the composers, and the instrument itself I thoroughly enjoyed the biographical information, even when it digressed a bit, as it brought color and context to the compositions What was very new to me was the discussion of the technical aspects of the piano itself The discussion of how the move from a wooden harp, the part to which the strings are attached, to the cast iron harp allo...

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    Thrilling, funny, insightful, even tragic due to the circumstances of some of the great classical composers covered At times, I did wonder, Ok, but what makes this pieces GREAT But the sheer volume of information and passion wit...

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    This was an audiobook from Great Courses As a classically trained pianist, I found the backstory for each piece and the artists fascinating The instructor did a great job with his presentation If he taught several of my college courses I m sure I would have done better in them

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    As always, Professor Greenberg is as knowledgeable as he is entertaining and as entertaining as any lecturer I ve ever experienced in a life full of sitting through lectures The subject matter is amazing, and gave me many ideas about piano pieces I would love to try and tackle for myself.

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    Yet another fantastic The Great Courses music lecture I learned a lot about the composers lives that I hadn t heard before.

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    Funny, I like this and learned much but my expectation was higher I guess if I had a better any musical education instruction not exposure I would have gotten out of it For example, having a sonata form is explained by the prof is great as I did not know what it was, but now I do but if I know what it is, I probably would understand the nuances of his explanations and that would make a...

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    A stimulating look at some music that always baffled me Now I feel better prepared to try to play them and enjoy them.

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