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[KINDLE] ❅ All That Glitters ❥ Ericka Williams –

All That GlittersAll That Glitters Is A Novel That Proves Not Only That All That Glitters Ain T Gold, But That We Should Not Rely On Our Outside Appearance To Get Us Ahead In Life Mika And Asia Have The Problem Of The Cutesies They Believe That Because They Got It Goin On, They Can Have What They Want, Do What They Want, And Use Whom They Want They Do Not Realize That What Goes Around Comes Around And That Beauty Is Only Skin Deep They, Like We All, Have To Pay For Their Mistakes And Will Suffer The Consequences Of Their Actions Mika Has A Young Son And A Family That Is Trying To Get Her To Turn From Her Wicked Ways Her Mother And Sister Have Tried To Keep Her On The Right Track, But She Would Rather Run With Her Home Girl Asia And Flirt With Danger Instead Of Finishing College And Taking Care Of Herself They Think That Life Is A Game That They Are Going To Win, But When Drugs, Sex, And The Streets Are Involved In The Mix, Winning The Game Is Improbable They Want To Live The Good Life, But Life Has Rules And You Can T Get The Gold Without The Struggle All That Glitters Shows What Happens When You Gamble With Your Life.

[KINDLE] ❅ All That Glitters ❥ Ericka Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 262 pages
  • All That Glitters
  • Ericka Williams
  • English
  • 21 March 2018
  • 9781934230947

    10 thoughts on “[KINDLE] ❅ All That Glitters ❥ Ericka Williams –

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    I would have given this book a higher rating, but the main character Mika just seemed a little to naive for someone who runs the streets as much as she does She s suppose to be a high school graduate college dropout so you would think she might be a little smarter about certain things Mika makes all kinds of mistakes when it comes to love, and after a while it gets frustrating because she never does what you want her to She has a four year old son, and while she claims that he is her life her actions say otherwise For that reason alone I was a little happy...

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    This book pissed me off the main character was dumb asf and easy she s another woman you don t want to be like

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    Every girl wants a man that can sweep her of her feet, and live a fairy tell life But when you think about it, it never happens Mika didn t except that she keeps on hunting until she found the right one Ericka Monique Williams All that glitters Is one of my favorite books The characters she chose seemed so realistic The settings that accrued where the truth, every thing she mention that happen around in the hood really happen now Towards the end it started to seem like a game and just like reality the cheater didn t win The book seemed so real that I didn t want to put it down.Mika was the main character she went threw so many obstacles that I see people in real life go through She slept around with men for money, and if the sex weren t good she wouldn t call them back or ever talk to them again She didn t think of her self being a ho, she just wanted to see who was right for her and her son Although she may seem bad but she wasn t as bad as her best friend Asia Asia also slept around with a lot of men for money so many that she dies from AIDS that she got and given from different guys Though I haven t ...

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