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➿ Tease Me, Please Me Free ➶ Author Natalie Wild –

Tease Me, Please Me Sandra Is A Schoolteacher It S Finally Summer Break, And Sandra Is Using Her Savings To Go On The Scuba Diving Vacation Of Her Dreams It S The Ultimate Escape For Her The Sound Of The Ocean, The Sights Underwater, And The Thrill Of The Slight Possibility Of Danger, But Not The Type Of Danger Sandra Expects Abel Is As Mysterious As The Depths Of The Ocean, And Clearly Much Dangerous She S Irresistibly Drawn To Him He S Physically Gorgeous Are Impossible To Ignore But When He Invites Her Onto His Luxurious Yacht, Curiosity Gets The Best Of Her And Gets Quite A Surprise When He Reveals His Dark Desires Towards Her Will Sandra Be Able To Leave America Behind And Let Herself Explore This Other Hidden World Of Abel S This Ebook Contains Very Hot And Explicit Descriptions Of Romantic Activity Only Mature Readers Should Download This Book.

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    All over too soon All I can say is, we never had teachers like that when I was a boy.

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    Tease Me, Please Me by Natalie WildPurchased Kindle FreeMy Rating 4 of 5 StarsSpoilers What s it all about Sandra has saved up for a long time to do something for herself, and that something is diving She has learned as much as she can, so that she can travel the world in search of something for herself But in this search she finds Abel Will he be able to fulfill that missing link for Sandra, or will she leave him in the end The Best Parts For a short story, well part 1 of 4, this was very well written I loved the short instances where it just quickly shows whats happening and then dives right into the action It helps with the fast paced nature of the story, but doesn t take away from it either I also loved loved loved the sex scene I loved that she questioned herself with his domination, but allowed herself to give in to her inner sexual desire I also loved that Abel s true nature showed, and that he admitted he was sorry afterwards It showed him as a person and not just a kinky sex crazed man.The Worst Parts The only part that I was like oh n...

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    After years of saving money, Sandra was finally on the first stop of the vacation of her dreams in Australia She had taken up scuba diving lessons and planned to scuba dive to four locations, besides Australia, she would making stops in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand She had basically sworn off men, until she meets Abel, on the boat and learns he is a part of the scuba diving team, she will be diving with There is an instant attraction to him and she is dumbfounded on w...

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    Quick, hot, bedtime read

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    Sandra saved for the holiday of her life, a diving trip to Australia and some other countries.On her first dive she meets Abel, he is hot and shows her a lot under water.When he asks her for dinner, she says yes, not knowing what she got herself into.Abel takes her to his yacht and they have di...

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    It s was very good but I wish I could read the rest without paying lol but I still covered the bookIt was very good i wish it was longer but it was still very good in kindle i know your not in charge but geez one free book then the whole series u gotta pay now ima be on a cliffhanger for so dan...

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    A sexy rompThis story is a teaser to get you to but the rest of the series BUT, it is a very good teaser The characters are well written, the plot is fun, and the writing and editing is very good If this was a nov...

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    This was a breeze to get through This book had it s cheesy parts but it was enjoyable enough Sandra was kinda ditzy at times and Abel was a bit of a Christian Grey copy I know there are books but I wish this one had been fleshed out.

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    Yet another BDSM romance, which values female submission and degradation over normal and loving interactionsWhere on Earth is this normal Why should anyone emulate or aspire to this sort of macho domination Give me a break not literally, please Is it ok for women to write snuff stories featuring domineering men who go just a tiny bit too far Should we applaud the heroine who manages to throw an insensitive paramour into an oubliet and throw away the key Is it permissible to feature a graphic...

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    Tease Me, Please MeThis was good I didn t realize it was only one of a series Not sure I will be able to read the rest.

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