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Free ↠ Under the Satyr Moon (The Cursed Satyroi Book 2) By Rebekah Lewis –

Under the Satyr Moon (The Cursed Satyroi Book 2) The Only Cure To The Satyr Curse Is A Nymph When Ariston Finds One Spying On Him, Can He Win Her Over Under The Satyr Moon A Curse Was Wrought, And Under The Same Moon Shall It Be Reversedif The Fates Allow A Freelance Photography Job Goes Downhill Fast When Lily Anders Boyfriend Dumps Her And Disappears From The Campsite, Leaving Her Stranded In The Middle Of The Blue Ridge Mountains Feeling Lost, Heartbroken, And Afraid, Lily Follows A Mysterious Melody Through The Wilderness She Never Would Have Guessed The Source Of The Music Would Reveal That Legendary Figures Of Greek Mythology Really Existed, And She Could Be One Of Them Ever Since He Was Cursed, Ariston Has Only Wanted One Thing To Be Human Again He Has Searched The Globe For A Nymph To Free Him, But Over Three Thousand Years Of Failure Has Pushed Him Into A Life Of Solitude Ariston Believes He S Finally Found The Salvation He S Longed For When He Catches Lily Spying On Him In The Forest Unfortunately, He Has To Convince Her To Like Him First What Seems To Be The Fates Bringing Them Together In Time For The Satyr Moon Proves To Be An Elaborate Scheme With Macabre Intentions Dionysus Has Sent Ariston S Estranged Brother, Adonis, To Ensure The Curse Cannot Be Broken, And Nothing Tosses Cold Water Over The Flame Of Seduction Like A Twin Seeking Vengeance.

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    4 sReview posted herehttp bookpassionforlife.blogspot.coUnder the Satyr Moon is the second book in The Cursed Satyroi series and this time around it s Ariston that gets his chance at redemption.We meet Lily Anders when she is at her lowest, on a freelance photography job that has took her out into the Blue Ridge Mountains with her boyfriend Donovan little does she know but Donovan is about to dump her not only from his life but leaving her alone in the wilderness too Needing to find civilisation and a chance to get home, Lily starts her trek through the forest Until she hears a tune, a strange melody that calls to her so she follows and comes upon a man a goat man indulging in an encounter with a woman Feeling embarrassed and voyeuristic she goes to leave, makes a noise and he sees her, is fascinated by her and follows her which then becomes a kidnap situation.Ariston is cursed as a Satyr, cursed to live the life of a half man half goat, complete with horns and an insatiable sexual appetite He has lived this way for centuries, hiding up on the mountain, tempting campers to sate his needs and making them forget afterwards The only thing that could save his sorry a...

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    Building a mythology all its own, Under the Satyr Moon expands on the story of men and Gods of ancient Greece fighting against a curse that transformed them into immortal satyrs I really liked how this book built upon all of the ideas introduced in the first story It gives us a hero who has had the pain of forced isolation but also an estrangement from the only family he has left after centuries alone Ariston makes mistakes and has his Alpha moments, but I loved how he gains back his humanity well bef...

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    Satyrs, men with hooves and horns and a craving for sex that never eases.Ariston has lived a long time in his cursed body, in daytime he can use glamour to appear human but at sundown it does not work, so Ariston chooses to live in a forest, it works well for him as he can use his magic to woo women campers, which eases his lust Lily was camping with her boyfriend when he suddenly broke up with her and left her in the forest, hurt and a little scared she fights on When Ariston uses his magic to lure a women to him, she s intrigued and follows the sound, she s shocked by what she see s.Ariston has no choice but to catch up with lily, she s seen him in his true colours and that can t happen Lily isn t happy that Ariston wants to get to know her , especially his way of making that happen These two literally spark off each, they re both so fiery, the banter is fabulous let alone the sexual tension.I really enjoyed Lily and Ariston s story, it packs a punch, there s mythology, intrigue, a real interesting mix of characters, comedy, sizzling sexual tension, some angst and a storyline that you don t know where it will go Favourite characther Too difficult, obviously loved our main couple, but Hermes was great and obviously his side kick Pegasus If you like mythology, I m not sure how accurate this is There ar...

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    4.5 5.0This is a very original story with a piece of mythology being completely reworked.Read full review in the

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    I received Under the Satyr Moon by Rebekah Lewis originally as an advance review copy from Novel Reviewers however, I loved this novel so much I bought it anyways in the Volume One Collection Once again Rebekah has taken her readers on an adventure with gods, satyrs and nymphs in the modern day world It s said that everyone longs for something, they want something with every fiber of their being and ladies and gents gods are no exception Under the Satyr Moon takes place not long after the first novel so we get to see all of our favorite characters make an entrance here as well Our new female lead Lily is vibrant, spunky and some could say a bit damaged We are introduced to Ariston and his beautifully blonde framed face and washboard abs as of the past is revealed from his perspective Of course we cannot forget Hermes and his God of Awesomeness point of view and this time he has backup in the form of Pegasus, yes The Pegasus I just couldn t get enough of these sponta...

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    I loved this book so much that I immediately wanted to read it again after I finished The story line evolves into something complex and sinister from the first installment in the series The characters and plot seemingly gain depth The chemistry between the primary characters is just as explosive as it is in book 1, only there is so much on the line and things could go devastatingly wrong The plot twists are a nice touch and on a side note, I ado...

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    Spoilers sweeties..

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    Satyrs, nymphs and gods Add in Pegasus and how could you not want to read it This is Ariston and Lily s story but we do get a visit from characters in the previous book.Hermes and Pegasus will have you laughing.

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    Satyrs, nymphs and gods Add in Pegasus and how could you not want to read it This is Ariston and Lily s story but we do get a visit from characters in the previous book.Hermes and Pegasus will have you laughing.

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    This story picks up not long after the first book of The Cursed Satyori series Wicked Satyr Nights The God Dionysus is still on the hunt for the magical syrinx he believes is in possession of one of the Arcadian satyrs Dionysus turns his attention to Ariston who was close to Pan after the satyr curse began, and brother to the Adonis Adonis is a Boeotian satyr, meaning he is loyal to Dionysus Dionysus plays upon Adonis misplaced anger towards his brother Ariston to put in play a plan to find the syrinx and screw with Ariston.This plan involves Lily Anders She is unknowingly a nymph, and is conveniently placed into the very forests where Ariston now lives and is left there under bad circumstances Lily happens upon Ariston after hearing his syrinx song and presents herself to him Ariston picks up on Lily s nymph like qualities, and immediately makes a play to keep her until the Satyr moon occurs to break his curse and become human again But first he has to convince his nymph to stay and help him in his pursuit to become a mortal man while also resisting the lust growing and each day between them And of course th...

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