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[PDF] ↠ The Beast of Birch Hill Author Naomi Clark –

The Beast of Birch Hill Wildlife Photographer And Cryptozoology Blogger Emma Jordan Came To Birch Hill Expecting To Find Another Urban Legend The Rumors Of A Big Cat Stalking The Woods Around This Quiet Town Surely Had To Be Just That Rumors But When The Evidence Starts To Pile Up That Birch Hill Really Does Have A Killer Cat On The Loose, Emma Finds Herself Caught In A Confusing Game Of Cat And Mouse And Her Blossoming Relationship With Abi Blakely Might Just Be Pushing Her Further Into Danger.

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    I read this awhile ago but never got around to writing the review and now my memory is a little fuzzy I remember thinking this was an okay short read Not bad but there were some issues that held it back.A wildlife blogger is trying to capture an allusive big cat,...

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