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[Epub] ↠ Three Drops in Time Author Tony Jones –

Three Drops in Time Three Short Stories With A Common Theme Time Travel In Time Enough For Money, Lawrence Does What Anyone Would Consider Doing If They Knew The Future, He Wins The Lottery Why Is He Still Not Happy In Destiny Calling, Thomas Has A Life Changing Decision To Make What He Doesn T Need It AdviceThe Final, And Longest Story, Parallels, Shows How Jack Shaw Copes When His Unusual Power Comes To The Attention Of The Government And The Mysterious MI 42

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    Anything to do with time travel and I m right on it I loved these stories and if I had any complaint at all, it would be that there were not enough of them These bite sized tales tell three different stories highlighting the advantages and disadvantages associated with the ability to travel through time and they do indeed demonstrate the disadvantages, told in an amusing way that holds your interest and to your delight you find there s a twist at the end of each tale and possibly a moral there as well I enjoy stories about time travel and I think we d all like to think the first thing we d do is get the winning lottery numbers in advance seems easy enough, but what if it wasn t quite that simple And what if we sent ourselves back in time to our younger self what advice would we possibly give and would we listen I liked the third story the best about accessing parallel worlds fleshed out and a little longer than the other two again this showed what can happen when...

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