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➢ Strong Verbs Strong Voice Ebook ➨ Author Ann Everett –

Strong Verbs Strong Voice Without Verbs, Where Would A Story Go NOWHERE Characters, Animals, And Nature Can T Be Or Do Anything Without A Verb Characters Can T Laugh, Animals Can T Attack, And Trees Can T Sway In The Breeze Verbs Provide Excitement, Drive The Narrative And Paint Vivid Pictures.Why Say, She Looked, If She Can Gawk, Spy, Or Examine Looked Offers Vague Action, Where The Alternatives Show Action And Expression The Right Verb Choice Can Illustrate The Character S State Of Mind, His Mood, As Well As Physical Characteristics.Inside This Book, You Ll Find Stronger Choices Listed In Alphabetical Order For Everyday Verbs Such As Enter, Walk, Ran, Took, Etc This Quick Reference Will Help You Use Descriptive Verbs To Convey Better Images In The Reader S Mind.

➢ Strong Verbs Strong Voice  Ebook ➨ Author Ann Everett –
  • Paperback
  • 102 pages
  • Strong Verbs Strong Voice
  • Ann Everett
  • English
  • 23 October 2017
  • 9781499719291

    10 thoughts on “➢ Strong Verbs Strong Voice Ebook ➨ Author Ann Everett –

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    A wonderful resource to help tighten up your writing.To sum it up there s a verb for every occasion

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    This is a book that is simply a list of alternative verbs that could be used for common verbs in the English language Also, this book could be considered a quick reference guide for writers That s all Was it worth 1.00 I m not sure One could use the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word to achieve similar results Yes, the lists were extensive than the lists in Microsoft Word, which would be a positive reason to consider purchasing this book Also, a few other reviews said there were grammar tips in this b...

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    A sort of verb thesaurus for replacing 27 words Sprinkled with a few tips on how best to use them.

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    Extremely UsefulGreat ideahighly recommend this to writers Loved the layout of the book My library is now complete with this resource.

  5. says:

    This gets a three star review from me because it is really just a list of verbs and nothing It doesn t address verb usage and just seems to be vocabulary to impress a reader Only it isn t that impressive I found most of the verbs to be fairly commonplace and nothing special I realize that writers want to avoid having their readers jump into...

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    Could be a bit varied and exhaustive But not bad for a deck to bounce words off of.

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