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[PDF] ↠ Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia Author Sukai Mbye Bojang –

Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia This Selection Of Ten Stories Was Gathered From The Wollof, Mandingo And Jola People The Story Of Boppi Jerreh Has Been Much Narrated By The Wollof People Of Banjul, The Fisher Folk Of Barra, And Its Neighbourhood From Time Immemorial The Wollof Story, Kumba Ndaba Marries Jeggan Touray Shows How The Institution Of Marriage Fosters Kinship Ties While The The Stories Gathered From The Jola People Are All Based On The Occupational Lives Of Women, A Deep Appreciation Of Nature, And The Traditional Practice Of Consulting Soothsayers Before Embarking On Any Major Initiative.

[PDF] ↠ Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia  Author Sukai Mbye Bojang –
  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia
  • Sukai Mbye Bojang
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9789983901092

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    Who is not acquainted with the riveting work Roots The Sage of an American Family by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Alex Haley, which not only hit the New York Times Best Seller List in late 1976, but went on to become a highly acclaimed TV miniseries, one of the best of all time As you no doubt remember, the story starts with the discovery of the since disputed fact that Haley s forebear, Kunta Kinte, was abducted from a small village called Juffure in The Gambia by slave traders, who shipped him, as they did so many tens of thousands of others, across the Atlantic to be sold into slavery in the then so called New World Despite the grimness of much of its subject matter, who, on reading Roots , has not been attracted by the rich descriptions of African people and wildlife residing in the country of Kinte s birth In Folk Tales and Fables of the Gambia, Volume 3, both the cultural practices of the Gambian people and the behavior traits for which such animals as elephants, hyenas, snakes and tigers are well known, are portrayed in all their uniqueness and richness, making this a collection of short stories to be treasured by both old and young.The moral emphasis of the tales in no way dissipates the ple...

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