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!!> Read ➸ Patas arriba: La escuela del mundo al revés ➻ Author Eduardo Galeano –

Patas arriba: La escuela del mundo al revésIn A Series Of Mock Lesson Plans And A Program Of Study Galeano Provides An Eloquent, Passionate, Funny And Shocking Expos Of First World Privileges And Assumptions From A Master Class In The Impunity Of Power To A Seminar On The Sacred Car With Tips Along The Way On How To Resist Useless Vices And A Declaration Of The The Right To Rave He Surveys A World Unevenly Divided Between Abundance And Deprivation, Carnival And Torture, Power And Helplessness.We Have Accepted A Reality We Should Reject, He Writes, One Where Poverty Kills, People Are Hungry, Machines Are Precious Than Humans, And Children Work From Dark To Dark In The North, We Are Fed On A Diet Of Artificial Need And All Made The Same By Things We Own The South Is The Galley Slave Enabling Our Greed.

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    Eduardo Galeano s Open Veins of Latin America, describing 500 years of brutalization and exploitation of the peoples, lands and resources of Latin America by Europeans and North Americans makes for tough reading Upside Down, A Primer for the Looking Glass World, on the other hand, takes hard to swallow subjects such as racism, sexism, corporate manipulation, government betrayal, workplace dehumanization, brainwashing of children, environmental poisoning, systematic jailing, torture and murder and treats these subjects alternately with laugh out loud black humor, out and out sarcasm, and sharp steely needles of cynicism Tell us what you really think, Eduardo Modern culture and society as a bushel basket of rotten apples Here s a sample of some of those most rotten and, I ve linked a few words of my own experience tasting these unfresh fruit The first chapter deals with education, which makes abundant sense since that is how we begin our human odyssey, as children imbibing our culture s values Galeano writes, The looking glass world trains us to view our neighbor as a threat, not a promise It condem...

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    This goes on and on and on and on about what is wrong with the world today, and yesterday, and its grim prospects tomorrow, the seeming hopelessness of the future so that there was a point where I felt I couldn t take it any, shocked that I live in this planet, and looked at my two children as mistakes I felt my whole being weakening, like I was in an onset of a fatal food poisoning that will lead to my death in a couple of hours.A world turned upside down A relentless, cruel oration explaining why I live in hell Then, towards the end, the flagellation abruptly ends and my tormentor announces that he might, probably, allow me and my family to live after all in another possible world where the air shall be cleansed of all poisons except those born of human fears and human passions in the streets, cars shall be run over by dogs people shall not be driven by cars, or programmed by computers, or bought by supermarkets, or watched by televisions the TV set shall no longer be the most important member of the family and shall be treated like an iron or a washing machine people shall work for a living instead of living for wo...

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    Estoy empezando a considerar a Galeano como autor favorito Tercer libro que leo de l en el a o y vuelve a dejarme con la boca abierta Escribe tan precioso llen el libro de post it y te parte el coraz n en mil pedazos De verdad todas estas cosas horribles pasaron, de verdad siguen pasando Aunque s admito que la ltima parte se me hizo ya medio repetitiva y un poco cansadora, pero es una lectura para tomarse con calma y leer con pa uelos a mano Vamos por m s del autor Desde los tiempos de la conquista y de la esclavitud, a los indios y a los negros les han robado los brazos y las tierras, la fuerza de trabajo y la riqueza y tambi n la palabra y la memoria Dios, distra do, se olvid de crear a la mujer y al hombre, y la mujer y el hombre no tuvieron m s remedio que hacerse a s mismos Y all , en el fondo del abismo, en el basural, la mujer y el hombre se crearon con las...

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    As other reviewers have noted, Galeano doesn t provide footnotes to back up his assertions, which makes this book a rant and not a treatise It is a breathtaking rant, though, with language as beautiful as the world it describes is ugly Plus, Galeano does provide a list of sources at the end, if the reader needs further convincing that Galeano s description of the Looking Glass world is spot on.Here are some of Galeano s own words The killer instinct is an essential ingredient for getting ahead, a human virtue when it helps large companies digest small and strong countries devour weak but proof of bestiality when some jobless guy goes around with a knife in his fist 6 The world economy is the most efficient expression of organized crime The international bodies that control currency, trade, and credit practice international terrorism against poor countries, and against the poor of all countries, with a cold blooded professionalism that would make the best of the bomb throwers blush 6 The looking glass school teaches us to suffer reality, not to change it to forget the past, not learn from it to accept the future, not invent it In its halls of learning, impotence, amnesia, and resignation are required...

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    Cuando est de veras viva, la memoria no contempla la historia, sino que invita a hacerla M s que en los museos, donde la pobre se aburre, la memoria est en el aire que respiramos y ella, desde el aire, nos respira Es un libro agridulce porque por una parte tenemos a Galeano hablando de temas como la pobreza infantil o la venta de armas, pero por otra parte tenemos al Galeano m gico, que nos insiste en que somos todos uno.Ha removido cosas dentro de m , me ha hecho pensar y he aprendido ...

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    Kapitalizmde var olmak faydal olmakt r, faydal olmak i in sat labilir olmak gerekir Paraya evrilemeyen zaman, bo zaman, retme g reviyle de il de ya ama zevkiyle ya anm ya am korku retiyor Korku da a g zl l kle birlikte kapitalizmin en aktif motorlar ndan biridir.Art k paray a a dakiler veriyor, d d yukar dakiler al yor.Kazan lar zelle tirilirken, zararlar toplumsalla t r l yor.Finans oyuncular , al an insan n para kazanmaya vakti olmaz diye dalga ge erek, retim sistemiyle kedinin fareyle oynad gibi oynamaktad r.E er u yoksulluk ve k k i letmecilik kusurlar olmasayd , mahalle b k nlar kafalar nda kral ta lar , beyefendi apkalar , piskopos takkeleri ve general kepleriyle ortal kta l l dolan r, itiraflar n n alt na parmak basmak yerine h k met kararlar n imzalarlard.D nya ekonomisi rg tl su un en ge erli ifadesidir paray , ticareti ve krediyi kontrol eden uluslararas rg tler yoksul lkelere ve b t n lkelerin yoksullar na kar en iyi bombard man bile utand racak profesyonel so ukkanl l k ve dokunulmazl kla ter r uygulamaktad r.D nya zengin ocuklar na sanki paraym gibi davran yor ki onlar da paran n davrand gibi davranmaya al s nlar D nya yoksul ocuklara sanki pm gibi davran yor ki onlar da pe d n s nler Orta s n ftaki ne yoksul ne zengin olan ocuklar is...

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    Terminar de leer el libro me dej el deseo de escuchar m s a Eduardo Galeano Hay un conocimiento y sabidur a documentada detr s de cada oraci n basta ver la cantidad de libros consultados por cada art culo del libro Adem s de la cr tica al sistema y la claridad e inteligencia de pensamiento As , llega a re nir frases que consiguen una reflexi n al t rmino de su lectura S , citas o frases c lebres que valen la pena escuchar Pondr dos Lo mejor que el mundo tiene est en los muchos mundos que el mundo contiene, las distintas m sicas de la vida, sus dolores y colores las mil y una maneras de vivir y decir, creer y crear, correr, trabajar, bailar, jugar, amar, sufrir y celebrar, que hemos ido descubriendo a lo largo de miles y miles de a os. Se condena al drogadicto y no al modo de vida que crea la necesidad del consuelo qu mico y su ilusi n de fuga.Por lo dicho, podr a parecer que el libro habla de lo maravillosa que ...

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