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BOOKS ✪ My Grateful Write Author Tom Fritz –

My Grateful Write My Grateful Write Takes A Ridiculous Look At The Things In This World That Many People Complain About And Gives You A Reason To Be Grateful For Them From The Smallest Things Such As The Wind And A Sunrise, To The Largest Things Like Death And Dealing With Your Co Workers, This Book Will Make You Look At Life Differently, Laugh At Anything And Everything, And Maybe Even Question Your Own Sanity.You Will Also Pick Up Advice On Getting Rid Of Friends, Separating Your Trash, Things To Do At A Red Light, And How To Tell Strangers You Have A Social Disease.Enjoy This Book, And Get Out There And Laugh While You Still Can What Are You Waiting For GO

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    Can t wait to get my hands on my copy Tom is really funny and hilariously fun This book is suppose to bring the laughter back well if you ve lost it and if you haven t well get ready cause its going to be a roller coaster ride of laughter you can t hit the brakes until it stops Need a copy

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